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Posted by deathink - June 24th, 2012

:: LazyMuffin is on PICO RADIO ::
Yotam recorded an INTRO for PICO RADIO's latest update "Thanks LazyMuffin", if you don't know who Yotam (LazyMuffin) is, then let me be the first to welcome you to the interwebs. LazyMuffing not only makes some of the best animations on the web, but also some of the greatest web comics and is a frequent contributor to the Audio Portal.

To thank Yotam for his contribution to Pico Radio, the last update was dedicated to him featuring 5 of his songs (not including the intro) and one piece of his art. I have also created a "LazyMuffin Lp" medal. Click the "go to new stuff" button on the radio to jump to Yotam :)
Update includes
+10 songs
+3 art
+special intro by LazyMuffin
Pico Radio now has 51 songs and 17 arts 9 medals

:: The Newgrounds Writing Anthology ::
If you haven't backed this yet please do so, click the link above to learn more!

RicePirate wrote me a great BATMAN: the droppings skit and I massacred it :D (sorry Mick). I was a little inspired by Oney's Batman Picture , anyway this is VERY not safe for work! You can see a censored clip of it at the bottom of this post...ENJOY!


LazyMuffin is on PICO RADIO! and NSFW NUDE STUFF :3

Posted by deathink - June 15th, 2012

+21 songs
+6 art
+2 medals

I know I said I would only update it once a week , but because of all the great comments I received and also the fact that I received the daily 1st place and weekly 3rd (Thank you very much BTW) I have updated it 2 times already. The first added 10 new songs and 5 new art pieces, but the update was more than just music, I upgraded the interface and functionality adding a mute button, extra keyboard controls, sound, and a song duration estimator. The second speedy update was inspired by FightingSeraph I don't know much about this guy, heck I don't even know if I like the guy, however he always puts a lots of effort in his reviews for me, and he has great taste in music! He left me a review with a list of great musicians and while I didn't necessarily agree with everything he had to say I do agree I should have included those musicians.The last ten songs are by musicians fightingseraph had requested, so if you don't like them blame him :D but if you do like them shoot him a PM thanking him for his great taste in music and tireless review efforts! CLICK THIS LINK TO GO TO THE PICO RADIO NOW!!!

P.S. fightingseraph is a NEWGROUNDS Vet and has been here since 2001 so he apparently has a nack for finding cool shit before anyone else :)

My batman comic was delayed because of PICO RADIO, don't hate me. The first page should be done sometime next week. For those of you who don't know what I am talking about, my BATMAN comic is based off of RICEPIRATE'S BATMAN video he is currently producing. I did have a link to it and was periodically checking in on his progress and let me just say WOW.


Posted by deathink - June 7th, 2012

OK, I lied about the punch and pie.
RicePirate gave me a sneak peek at his new video "BATMAN: the droppings", and it is awesome!
Anyway I was so impressed I decided to draw a prequel comic based on the video. Mick (RicePirate) wrote me 4 ridiculously funny skits and I should have the first one done some time next week. I did, however, create a mock comic cover, the actual comic art will be in a different style than the cover, but I wanted to make something REAL nice for the king of our portal :D
There is a clip of the image at the bottom of this post or you can CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE. I hope you like it!

I am almost finished with another flash project, I don't want to spoil the surprise but its an app I have wanted for a while, so keep your eyes peeled.

OK fellas well I am 11 mins late for work now so i better get going :D Please excuse any typos in this post, I will fix'em when I get back!


Posted by deathink - May 29th, 2012

::: NEW ART :::
I just uploaded a new Alice in Wonderland picture, CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE THE NEW PICTURE. This is the second Alice in Wonderland picture I have uploaded, click this link to view the first one! You can see a clip from both of this pictures at the bottom of this post, the pic on the top is the old one and the pic on the bottom is the one I just uploaded today. BTW I hate making icons for art :D

I am a big fan of the audio portal, most of the music in the portal is better than anything you will hear on MTV or the radio. I am introduced to new musicians all the time. Anyway I may be featuring some music in my next project, so if you can think of some great song, a great musician, or just someone you think is under rated in the portal let me know by commenting in this post.

WOW, that sucks right... oh and I am an asshole and didn't back anything up! The ironic part is just a couple day before it died, I actually procured the ability to backup my files and I was like "pffft, I will do it next week" :D FAIL!
It's OK though, my work mac wasn't that powerful, and I had another real bad ass computer just warming the bench.



Alice in Wonderland / NEW COMIC ART

Posted by deathink - May 8th, 2012

I have been thinking about making a FO comic for a while (as many of you know), and although it will be in black and white, I will have some pages with color. I guess I kinda used this as an opportunity to test the treatment i plan on using.
CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY KRANG PICTURE... you will be glad you did :D

Yesterday I enter a chat that I thought was a fallout chat and posted a link to my FALLOUT pictures here on NEOGEO. I was asked to never upload links to NEWGROUNDS or I would be banned, I am not going to name there names or anything, but I will say this, FUCK YOU FALLOUT NEXUS, I don't want to go on your crappy ass site anyway! I don't know why this made me so upset, its just real gay of them.

"What did they steal?", you may be asking yourself, the answer... MY HEART. If you get a chance to hang out with these guy, I seriously recommend you take it. Luis, Mike and Tom are all genuinely awesome people, and it wasn't only the staff that impressed me but the users as well. Its a good feeling to walk in to a room and be surrounded by free thinking, creative, unique people.

---Oney and Stamper, the original ODD couple---
ODD is right! But when these guys get together, magic happens. I almost shit a brick when I heard Oney moved in with stamper and that they were working on a project, but nothing could have prepared me for epic adorableness known as "Super Slumber Party". So many questions come to mind while watching it "is Oney really jerking it?", "what is that a painting of on the wall?", "how do you find ONE-zys that fit a grown man?". One thing is for sure, K-Y stocks are going to sky rocket.
Here is the song Oney made just in case you haven't favorite-ed it yet. SUPER SLUMBER PARTY

There were so many great "REDESIGN" videos, but this one always makes me smile.

OK this one too...

MOHAWKADE took this picture of me hanging out with Tom and was nice enough to upload it for me. I am the guy on the left :D

The bottom picture is a SMALL SAMPLE OF MY KRANG PICTURE.

NEWGROUNDS robbed me in NYC, NEW TMNT art

Posted by deathink - May 1st, 2012

Johnny cash wrote a song about Oney, you don't like Johnny Cash? Go fuck yourself! You don't like Oney? Fuck go yourself!

I drew THIS PICTURE a little while ago, I have been meaning to color it and upload to NEOGEO for while. You can see a clip of it at the bottom of this post, or CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE.
I hope you guys like it!
The Pico day pod cast was awesome! I was checking in throughout the day, and I am glad it did, here is a re-cap of what i saw (seen?). Tom got the ball rolling at like 10 or 11 in the morning and he said hi to all of us, later on they were taking requests and someone went and got Harry to check out my new Starbarians picture. Oney made out with some guy and drew pictures of penises for an hour, then Egorapture made out with some dude, we all got to talk to Egos mom (how cute is that? ego had his mom in chat). Luis was one of the highlights of the pod cast, he a 2 foot flask (the flask was almost as big as he was). And el-cid and some guys hung out on chat after every one left and just played some of the coolest movies I never even knew existed. I got shitfaced and had a great time watching it!

I know this is a joke, but fuck this song is hot!

P.S. I uploaded a POS movie to the flash portal, just to say "Happy Pico day!" I didn't think it would pass judgment, and I even asked lots of people to blam it, but It passed and I have no way to delete it without bothering an admin "SORRY GUYS".

VVV-------Merry And Pipen--------VVV

Oney song! New art! Pound cake!

Posted by deathink - April 23rd, 2012

Well I made myself a new icon as you can see, I tried to keep it looking smiler to the old one because I liked the way it looked but also it makes it harder to recognize people when they change there icons to much. I also made a new sig for the forum, it looks pretty cool, it has a little trophies cabinet and everything (not that I have many trophies to put in it yet, but my goal will be to try to fill it this year, who know, it could happen).

I mentioned I have to cool it with the computer/xbox/TV/snes/nes/psp/ :P ... to let my eyes heal. I took Tom's suggestion and have been going out and getting exercise and stuff (been swimming 2x already), and my eyes are starting to feel better already.

You don't know who NIGHTkilla is? Oh I am sorry I didn't know this was your first time at NEWGROUNDS :D... just kidding, but really if he isn't in your favorights yet CLICK THIS LINK and make him a favoright. This man is a monster at dub step, and his stuff just keeps getting better.

What could this be?...Answer: awesome!


I am a big HappyHarry fan, he is like Disney with balls, his concepts are funny, images are clean, and his animations are smooth. So to honer him I drew a GIANT Starbarians picture and uploaded it to newgrounds (just for you). It's 1920x1080 so if any of you tank men are a fan of Starbarians and have a HD screen you can download it and make it you background.
You can see a clip of it at the bottom of this post or just CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE. I really want to oil paint the Starbarian now.

I do have an animation almost done (hopefully by next week). It's not a big one, and I filmed the sound for it 7 years ago with a backed potato, but the sound bite is so funny I had to re-animate it.

---PICO DAY, only a couple away---
Man, I so want to be there for the pod cast, I don't want to be in the pod cast, but I want to be there when it happens. The kicker is I live so close to the NG office I could probably throw a stone and hit it (OK, maybe not that close). NYC MEET Oh and I guess we are all taking the subway to coney island, be prepared to bop our way to Coney if anything goes wrong, and stick close to Swan Fulp.

Anyway on that note, I will catch you fellas later, I can't wait to see what you guys make for PICO day!


Starbarians picture/NEW icon same great taste

Posted by deathink - April 15th, 2012


---BAD NEWS---
First off, I have bad news for anyone excited to see the "telebubby funland remake" on Pico day. You may be asking yourself "Why the fuck not?", well the answer is, I see black lines an shit everywhere. It's been happening for a little over a year now, but it's really starting to drive me nuts. I have been to a MD and everything is fine, but I have to cut back on my tv/xbox/computer time. So I am only allowed to stare at a screen for an hour or two a day, for the next couple weeks. Which doesn't leave me much time to work on telebubby's, but to be honest I don't think I was going to be able to complete it by the 28th anyway. I do plan on completing it, but it is just take some time.

Tom's not going to sell us. He was asking us what we thought about "venture capital". I know a little about it but I have no clue how it would affect NEWGROUNDS. I was worried about the re-design and that turned out OK. I just don't want to see what happened to MTV happen to NEOGOE. If you where alive in the 80'S you will know what I am talking about, if you weren't, then I will fill you in. MTV was the the most edgy, wild, creative media center anyone had ever seen, it pushed the limits, and now its a generic yuppie troll.
Anyway Tom said he would hold of on "going venture capital". And I drew a picture about it. You can se a clip of it at the bottom of the post, or you can CLICK THIS LINK TO SEE THE WHOLE PICTURE it has some captions, so it might be worth a peek.

he anticipation is killing me. I read somewhere that they WILL also be announcing the tank awards on Pico day. I can't wait to see who won. I would love to be there for the pod cast but I can't, oh well, maybe next year. Will there be any awards for the music portal again??? If so my vote goes to NIGHTKILLA. What about the art portal? Anyway, good luck to everyone who deserves to win :P

First off, this show rocks, we all have a little angry video game nerd inside of us!

Anyway, I have completely destroyed my "only 2 hours of computer a day" rule. So until next time.
VVVV The Ventures of TOM VVVV

NEW PICTURE/COMIC, Venture Capital?!?!

Posted by deathink - March 29th, 2012

---Telebubby Funland---
You don't know what Telebubby Funland is you say. Don't be a fecken noob, click that link up there and play it over and over again until you gain an encyclopedic knowledge on the subject.
OK, now that were all up to speed...
With Tom's blessing, I started working on the remake of Telebubby Funland which should be released on Pico day, you can see a clipping of the title screen at the bottom of this post or view the whole image here! Originally I was going to make an Alien Hominid animation for Pico day (I even did a real bad ass animatic for it), but lately I have been scrapping projects on a daily basis, I get in these moods where I think everything I make looks like is shit... it'll pass.
We truly are our own worst critics.

Anyway, I really want to finish this one, and I am going to try hard to make sure it doesn't suck complete ballz.
If it never sees the light of day or if It takes me until after Pico day to finish it, please don't hate me for it.
And speaking of Pico day...

:::PICO DAY:::
I fucking can't wait until Pico day, it feels like Christmas for degenerates. I really am very excited to see the flood of awesome animations. I may just take off from work to enjoy it :P

:::NYC meet:::
I don't know how to feel about this. I don't like meeting people or hanging out with people I don't know and what if I got to go Poo Poo, man I hate making potties in the city :D
It's not all bad, there is a couple people I would like to have a beer with, and strangers can be pretty fun when your hammered, and when your really drunk you can just go boom boom in your pants, the train that takes me home will still pick me up and I am sure I will get a seat, I may even get a car all to my self.


Must... kill... family...

Telebubby Funland

Posted by deathink - March 8th, 2012


I am so excited about Pico day, I can't wait to see all the animations people upload. I have only finished my animatic so far but it is looking real good. I really wanted to animate Pico and I have been thinking about a tank man skit for a while but In the end I choose to do Alien Hominid (I will save Pico for next year when I have a little more time to work on it). When I let my girlfriend watch my animatic, she said "the alien looks like the alien from that game you use to play all the time" :3

RicePirate is back...almost!!!!
The king of the portal is finally back... and there was much rejoicing "yay...". Go pay your homage to your king, peasant! He also posted provocative photos of the wifepirate in a bikini ::blushes::
It's good to be the KING!

Fallout Stuff
I have just uploaded a new Fallout picture, you can see a piece of it at the bottom of this post, or you can click this link to view the whole picture! I know the game came out a while, but I promised myself I wouldn't buy it until I could buy it new for under $20, Its a long story but I had a BIG problem with bethesda for a little while, check out my "Nuka Cola Building" link to read about why I hated them, (P.S. I have gotten over it :D)

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/deathink/nuka -cola-building

Wayside on Youtube did one of the most amazing fan fiction videos for fallout, here is episode one. I am still reeling with amazement at what a wonderful job they did.

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/deathink/adva nced-power-armor

Also the new updates are great, the NG staff must be working around the clock. It seems like every day I see or hear about something new happening with this site.
P.S. I think Tom is getting us too excited about this "surprise". As long as it isn't "surprise I have a new hat" or "surprise I am instating paid memberships" I will be happy, well, a new hat could be cool too :P

M.B. DeathInk

Fallout Art... PICO DAY!!! WifePirate???