Prosnorkulus, Castel Crashers and stuff

2012-10-05 12:01:32 by deathink

I recently had the privilege of creating a site skin for NEWGROUNDS. I chose MiddleFingerRings's masterpiece "Prosnorkulus" as the theme. However a lot of the Image got cut off, so I decide to create a wallpaper with the full image (almost). You can see a clip of it at the bottom of this post, or CLICK THIS LINK TO VIEW OR DOWNLOAD THE FULL IMAGE! This is actually the 2nd Prosnorkulus picture I have drawn, CLICK HERE TO VIEW MY FIRST RENDITION!

_____Castle Crashers_____
Castle Crashers was released on steam recently, and I have been addicted ever since :D
I have started INSANE mode, but even with a lvl 46 blacksmith it is still pretty hard to beat by your self, so if any one is up to crash some castles with me ADD ME AS A FRIEND ON STEAM!
I also made a Castle Crashers illustration for the Newgrounds All-Stars v. Drugs 2012 contest which I took 2nd place in. You can check out my entry HERE!
And speaking of steam I still have the NEWGROUNDS steam skin if anyone is interested... Just FOLLOW THIS LINKfor more details, it's REAL easy to install.

_____IN PROGRESS_____
I have a game coming out hopefully next week, its nothing insane but it is real fun so keep your fingers crossed. There
will also be another BIG update to Pico Radio releasing soon.

I love Luis Armstrong!!!

Anyway I am late for work, so I will catch you guys later...


Prosnorkulus, Castel Crashers and stuff


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2012-10-05 12:44:07

You should totally make a halloween flash, man.

deathink responds:

I totally am :)


2012-10-05 13:15:24

I was actually going to ask when you were going to do another update to Pico Radio on your last post....

deathink responds:

Real soon, sorry I have been slacking, but I have been real busy.


2012-10-05 13:32:33

now dats epic!

deathink responds:

Hell yeah!


2012-10-05 18:46:03

Added you on steam! :)

deathink responds:

sweet dude, lets kick some ass!


2012-10-05 22:13:12

I really want to ask this, just my thoughts: have you thought about doing a portable app or sth for Pico Radio or even adding new functions, that is, advancing the project further rather than just extending the playlist on the one that's still at the portal right now?

What I meant to say was I'm just curious about what other plans you might have for Pico Radio.

deathink responds:

I have thought about a couple of things and through out all the updates I have been adding extra functions here and there. I do plan on making more stuff or it and in the future another version... but I just need more free time.


2012-10-05 22:15:42

That Prosnorkulus pic is fantastic. Anyways, you're making a Halloween flash? Awesome.

deathink responds:

Well I have a little something that should be done soon, and depending how much time I have left I may have another project done before the end of the month.


2012-10-05 22:35:37

ah its fine
you're in no rush :3

deathink responds:



2012-10-06 06:10:57

Can't wait to see it

deathink responds:

Sweet new icon bro!


2012-10-06 07:50:42

Damit! We have no games in common!
I have:
Team Fortress 2-Free
Garry's Mod-10$
Realm of the Mad God-Free
Spiritual Knight-Free
Puzzle Pirates-Free
(I might get castle crashers)

(Updated ) deathink responds:

Well game invite me if you ever get it and we will play.
Wait a min... Team Fortress 2 is FREE ?! I think we might have a new game in common :D


2012-10-06 14:10:39

Yeah you get weapons and shiz.But no hats unless you buy something.


2012-10-08 12:07:42

One question, do I have to submit the art piece?
I just want to pm it to you via NG dump.

deathink responds:

You have to submit it... all images are drawn from the portal only :)


2012-10-08 13:46:26

Sigh, I hate submitting my stuff
can you check if it's high-quality first and if it's good I'll submit it.