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deathink's News

Posted by deathink - February 29th, 2012

Check out my CONTARABOBO PICTURE!!!!!!!!!!

I have been dying to draw Abobo for a while. You may, or may not recognize the fellow standing next to Abobo, well that's TheRainbowZilla, he is the winner of my "Abobo's BIG Contest" challenge. I was a huge contra fan, although many people lack the imagination to see how sick and twisted it really is, some of us still remember... To see the full size picture, or to read more about my contest, CLICK THIS LINK!

Here is a little more Nostalgia for you...

TAKE FIRST PLACE IN AN ART CONTEST collect $30 and pass go!
Well I took first place in the NEWGROUNDS comic jam #2. Check out my entry HERE! Thanks to all of the judges and fellow comic artists. There were a lot of other great entries. Check out the other entries here!

Also, my web site is up and running, I don't really have anything posted yet so don't get to excited, but still you can check it out and look at the design. DeathInkGames.com
Its not anything special, just a place to hang my internet hat.

M.B. DeathInk

CONTRA  ABOBO,  new Art and stuff...

Posted by deathink - February 22nd, 2012

Look at what me and Tom made :3

Well I drew the picture below for the comic jam, and Tom was nice enough to write the story for me. I had a little bit of a late start, the jam started on Friday but I had to work all day, and i didn't get a chance to start it until Saturday after noon. I drew four pages, and I am pretty satisfied by what we turned out. You can read the full comic here! There is more information on the comic in the author comments.

Here is a video of me and Tom brain storming the comic together...

::Abobo's Big Contest::
For about a month now I have been asking people to send me a PM if they received all the medals in ABOBO's BIG ADVENTURE and I would draw a snazzy picture of them beating Abobo's ass and upload it to the art portal, but only one user was "MAN" enough for the task. TheRainbowZilla, so I now dub Mr. Zilla "The manly-est gamer!!!", he was even nice enough to tell me how to get a secret medal myself :D as for his prize, I should have it ready for you by next week, I would already have it done, but as I mentioned, I was in the comic jam this week.

::Oney Blues (ballz)::
Well Oney is going back to school (I hope the bus driver doesn't bring him to a seedy hotel and fondle him), and will not be uploading anything for a while, HOWEVER, he was nice enough to fill our spank bank before he left. An Oney original!


Look at what me and TomFulp made :3

Posted by deathink - February 10th, 2012

:: Beat ABOBO Contest :: don't get to excited

Is there no one man enough to beat ABOBO!!!!!
Abobo's Big Adventure is one of the most bad ass games I have ever played!
Last week I challenged anyone who was man enough to collect all of the Abobo medals here on NEWGROUNDS, to PM me and I would give them a prize.
((don't forget that I can check to see if you actually did it or not))

I know what your asking yourself "truly there must be some fantastic prize for completing a challenge so epic!" and there is. (i guess)

Not only will I dub you "The Manly-est Gamer", but I will also draw, color and upload (to NEWGROUNDS) A picture of you beating Abobo's ass. *disclaimer-it may be imposable to draw such a thing, every time I try to draw someone kicking Abobo's I wake up on the floor in front of my art desk with a black eye, so I may just draw Abobo stomping a mud hole in your ass.
So if your man enough and if you got the guts to take on Abobo, I bid you good luck!
Also As I have mentioned before, this is a first come first served opportunity, I am not going to draw Abobo getting beat up more than once. (who knows what he would do to me)

If you have not beat Abobo, do not watch the following clip.

This is a video I have recently uploaded to Youtube of me getting the "I'm the greatest" medal. I here a lot of people cry about this level, but I think this is the greatest scene in the game. Enjoy!

I have almost all the medals so far, just a couple of the more tricky ones left...
Also If you guys know any cool tricks you have found in the game please share them, I will give you an odd one I had found "if you press the G on your keyboard on the contrabobo level it will spawn something useful!"


Posted by deathink - February 3rd, 2012

Hello Boys and Girls,

Well I got 2 treats for you this week. One is called Feline Chimera the other is called "aw Sh*t". Inadvertently they both have heavy psychedelic overtones, so sit back eat a hand full of your favorite fungi and just remember "Just because your friends can't see THEM, does that really mean THEY aren't there?"

You can view the full versions by clicking on the links above, if you like what you see, vote appropriately if you don't like what you see you can go fuck your self :P .

///////////// ABOBO CONTEST///////////////don't get to excited the prize is only a picture drawn of you uploaded to NEWGROUNDS.

A little update on ABOBO's big adventure (I don't know why I can't stop plugging it), if you haven't got revenge on toad for all them "sorry but your princess is in another castle" what are you waiting for??? I am pretty sure your not going to get another chance at it, I will give you the same hint you get from Mac's trainer "it's on the second level at the bottom left corner". Anyway, I have received 90% of the achievements for the game, the last couple are a nightmare, but i will get them eventually, if anyone can PM me a link to a completed achievement list I will draw a picture of you beating Abobo's ass. This is a first come first served offer, I am not drawling Abobo getting his ass beat more than once (who know what he would do to me if he found out)!

Anyway, good luck! I hope someone is able to beat Abobo!
M.B. DeathInk

Trippy Shit!

Posted by deathink - January 16th, 2012

Happy Martin Luther King day!!!!!

The picture at the bottom is a scene from a story i am writing, to view the full picture just follow THIS LINK.
I decided to color this and post it on NEOGEO for two reasons,
1. Its Martin Luther King Day
2. He kinda looks like ABOBO (and i can't stop playing his big adventure)

Also Tasslefoot has uploaded a play through of Abobo's big adventure for his FLASH GAME FRIDAY video blog, the kid has beaten more flash games then anyone I know, yet he is terrible at Abobo (but he doesn't have a game pad like me :P so I am sure it must harder playing it on a keyboard).He is kinda a dork but he makes great videos.

Team Abobo did a great fucking job BTW. The game was nostalgia over load, if you haven't played Abobo's big adventure yet, WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU! Take my advice, buy a fresh pack of underwear, hook up your pc game pad and be blown away! (!!WARNING!! YOU WILL SHIT YOURSELF) .


Posted by deathink - December 19th, 2011

I drew this picture a while ago and just decided to color it and post it on NEOGEO, just click THIS LINK to view the whole image.

Also my birthday is Jan 11, so if anyone wants to get me anything nice, I would really like a retro style flash game staring Abobo, that is, if it is not too much to ask for.

Oh thanks guys, you really should have :P
Now all I need is that USB NES controller adapter.

M.B. DeathInk


Posted by deathink - November 14th, 2011

http://www.newgrounds.com/art/view/deathink/newg rounds-vs-the-internet?context=ratings:etm.user:

To show my appreciation for being front paged, I have created a FP theme.