New art, Anime , Death Ink mobile, Castle Crasher's need you!!

2012-11-13 15:50:31 by deathink

_____ Appleseed Art _____
I just uploaded a new picture, this one means a lot to me because it is one of my oldest pieces of art, I drew it when I was only 16, but for years I considered it one of my best pieces. I was constantly told that it was a tracing, while I detest tracing I eventually started taking it as a complement. You can see a clip of it at the bottom of this post, or you can CLICK THIS LINK!

_____ This is AWESOME!!! DeathInk car? FTW!_____
So this guy made a game (I don't think its released yet) and he made a "DeathInk" car...really. It is a monster truck hears with my logo on the side and a coffin that bounces around in the trunk. He let me test his game, and I did LIKE A BOSS! Here is a video of me be driving the deathink car.

I will link the game again once live so you too can drive the DeathInk car.

So I really want to beat "INSANE" mode, but is there anyone out there man enough to help me? I can't do it alone. I have a level 54 blacksmith and a 67 necromancer. If you are up for the challenge add me on steam and send me an invite. I know insane mode is so scary that you wet your self , but man up, throw on a pamper and lets do it. To add me on steam , just go to search for users and type death ink and I should pop up, my icon is super meat boy (should be easy to find me :P).

VVVVV Deunan Knute VVVVV

New art, Anime , Death Ink mobile, Castle Crasher's need you!!


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2012-11-13 16:26:06

When I read your subject I thought you had a new mobile app available!

deathink responds:

Oh man... now I want to make a mobile deathink app :)


2012-11-13 16:35:50

Steam?? Haha, you faggot get an Xbox.

deathink responds:

I got an xbox too :3


2012-11-13 16:36:29

hmm, now if only they'd make a Saminat-Cycle, *sigh* that'd be the day!

deathink responds:



2012-11-14 06:29:56

I can imagine if you made an app, it would have something to do with taking splotches of colors and melting them into some sort of wax, giving it a "burning death" feel. It would certainly fit your name and it would be cool. I don't think thats been done yet, could be an original drawing/burning app, and they could submit their work to you and you could feature it or host it on a website. Lol me and my imagination, must mean my sickness is going away :P good job btw on your art!

deathink responds:

Whats an


2012-11-14 07:47:53

Im making some money in progress right now.
Give me some days.Since me and you are awesome at Left 4 Dead.
I bet we can be good with Castle Crashers.

deathink responds:

If you need a Pimp, hit me up bro! jkjkjkjkj


2012-11-14 17:03:17

As a fan of Appleseed, that drawing still looks good for something so old. By the way, here's something I found I think you'd like: /781769

deathink responds:

Yeah, that's pretty cool.


2012-11-14 21:38:59

you rock

deathink responds:

you roll


2012-11-14 21:57:26

Eugh, I have the same problem too but who would play a game like castle crashers on steam? I have it on PS3. I never beat insane mode because all I would find are trolls and stupid kids. Also it ruins the game. When two hits kills you all the little things are magnified by 100 and you start to think "Man, this game really fucking sucks"

Anyway, I made up to full moon basically on my own.

deathink responds:

WOW, up to full moon by your self is some task.
I have played with two other High level people on insane mode, and man it was fun! After a couple hours of getting my ass kicked by hordes of villans, it sure was gratifying to have two more high level knight jump in the game so I could dish out a little pay back.


2012-11-15 13:23:54

I need a Pimp! :3