HAPPY HALLOWEEN! Pico Radio Medal ... stuff

2012-10-31 10:55:27 by deathink

My power was out because of hurricane sandy and as a result I only got 2 hours of sleep last night (its a long story) so I am a little out of it right now. However as soon as it came on I uploaded the special Halloween Pico Radio featuring an epic yarn by RicePirate, and the one day only "trick or treat" medal.

Also as a result of the hurricane they have decided to postpone Halloween until Saturday...WTF?! First the myan calender now this shit (lol)... I went in to CVS (a local drug store) and there was Christmas decorations up >:(
Anyway I am glad to see the spirit of Halloween and imagination still going strong here on NG.

Last year I took first place in the Halloween game contest with my game Stranger Danger. I have ben in the process of creating a stranger danger 2, but I haven't had much time. On a side note the stranger danger game was a re-skin of another game I was working on, but never released...maybe soon.
Here is a couple more awesome submissions to get you in the Halloween mood...
Wilhelm Park
The Dangers of Halloween
Gone Too Far Too
EW Halloween Special
And for hundreds more just follow THIS LINK :P
Until next time Boy's and girl's, I think I am going to play Medievil and zombies ate my neighbors and Silent Hill until I pass out, or maybe I will just pound coffee and play fatal frame all night long...

Here is my first place pick for the pumpkin carving contest! An awesome rendition of Porsnorkadork by Turkyonastick. Check it out!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Pico Radio Medal ... stuff


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2012-10-31 11:01:09

Huh, that's a nice surprise. Thanks for the vouch.
/waves Prosnorkulus flag

deathink responds:

That's one pumpkin that might smash YOU!


2012-10-31 11:04:55

Happy Halloween, deathink! Sorry about the hurricane :(

deathink responds:



2012-10-31 11:15:41

Your vote counts!

deathink responds:

You hear that TurkeyOnAStick?


2012-10-31 11:41:49

I'm going to get a gallon of chocolate milk, watch some horror movies, and raid my brothers' candy stashes >:}

(Updated ) deathink responds:

I like a man who equates drinking chocolate milk and partying.


2012-10-31 17:46:37

Thanks again for puttin up the song i requested.
That guy definitely needs publicity.

deathink responds:

It was a good song!


2012-10-31 20:54:41

Haha! Nice update, and nice pumpkin!
And as for christmass, alot of the MMO's I play gave out santa related stuff today. Is that supposed to be a joke?

deathink responds:

WTF Christmas stuff!


2012-10-31 23:20:30

Zombies ate my Neighbors. The greatest game.

deathink responds:

One of my all time favorites...but its better with two people.