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Posted by deathink - February 7th, 2013

It's here, and OH BOY is it AWESOME!!!
Creating Raybots is insanely fun for anyone. Drawling there faces, dressing them creating there weapons, stages and fighting patters, who wouldn't love that?
Have you tried to unlock the medals?
If you are a hardcore games, unlocking these medals are a must.
If your great at games, some of these medals may be a breeze, but you will eventually come up against a raybot that will just kick your ass. Your heart will start pounding, your hands will start shaking and sweating, and you may even start swearing uncontrollably. You'll cures the uses who designed the Raybot (most likely Sabtastic). You may even start to think it is impossible. But I will tell you this, when you finally do beat that bastard the sense of accomplishment will far exceed your frustrations. And that same Raybot that kicked your ass will from then on be your favorite boss.
For me is was a Raybot called "dad"

It truly is amazing how this game captures the essence of the old NES games.

So I drew two pieces of art for this games release. The first one was released a while ago Cathode Raybots Poster. But I wanted to have an image to release the same time the game came out so here it is CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT! You can also see a clip of it at the bottom of this post.

So I have been playing the fuck out of Cathode Raybots since I got home from work today, but I have finally climbed to the top of all the leader boards. You don't believe me? Watch this...

Is there anyone man enough to knock me off the leader board? If so I'll be waiting for you...at the top.

::: CONTEST :::
The first person to comment on this post with all the medals unlocked and have climbed above me in ALL the Raybot highscores will be named the winner and dubbed "a true space marine".
And for the prize, I will draw you as a SPACE MARINE and upload the picture to the art portal.
Sound cool? OK then, good luck solder!

Follow me on

Also this is what is looks like when you unlock all the medals, wouldn't you like to have a sexy medals screen like this!

Cathode Raybots! New ART!  Contest Prize!

Posted by deathink - January 23rd, 2013

::: WOOT! WOOT! :::
What am I "wooting" about you may ask?
Well its was my B-day a little while ago and I just got a present in the mail. Saminat etched my logo on to a drinking glass, IT"S FUCKING AWESOME. Thank you sooo much man, this thing fucking rocks! I attached a photo of his fine craftsman ship at the bottom of this post...jelly?

TomFulp also made me something that fucking rocks, but you will have to wait to see it, but I will give you a hint to where you can find it..."its in his new game Cathode Raybots".

Thanks a lot guys... it really means a lot to me :3

::: NEW ART :::
Speaking of Cathode Raybots, I have drawn another picture for it. It's been done for a while now, but I am going to wait until the game is released to upload it. I will tell you this... its badass!

Well that's too bad , my next game is filled with 'em. (Please don't judge me!)

::: IN THE WORKS :::
I just finished a game I was working on for a while, I don't know when it will make its way here because I was only the artist for this one, but more importantly its freed up my scheduled a little so I can work more on some other projects.
The Penis game for one, but me and a couple guys from NEWGROUNDS are working on another project, I also have another game and animation (but don't hold your breath for the animation, cuz that one is going to take a while.)


But for now I am going to go and break in my DEATHINK glass!


Woot!  And, do you like penis?

Posted by deathink - January 11th, 2013

Well today is my birthday. It's not to late to get me something!
I usually draw my self what ever I want on my birthday (its one of my favorite parts of my B-day).
This is what I drew my self last year!
However, I can't upload my new B-day pic yet, but it is AWESOME!

:: Prosnorkulus 2 ::
I know you have seen it. It's right there on the front page. But watch it again mother fucker.

A fun fact about the creation of Prosnorkulus, long ago I visited MIDDLEFINGERRINGS in a wet dream. He was so impressed with what he saw that he decided to create an epic flash movie depicting that wet dream of me. That movie was Prosnorkulus.
Ok, its all lies, still the resemblance betwixt Prosnorkulus and me is uncanny!

:: Other kwel stuff ::
I released two pictures last week.
The first was a some promotional art for a game called "Cowboys vs Pirates"
You can check out my art here!
or you can Play the game here!
I suggest you do...its packed with zombie killing goodness!

I also uploaded a mock movie poster for Tom and JohnnyUtah's new game Cathode Raybots!
Its on the front page right now, but you can also CLICK THIS LINK TO CHECK IT OUT!

Also REALFACTION made a song and dubed it my theme song.
You may have heard of realfaction, he is the creator of the Necromancer's Song in Castle Crashers.


So I have Twitter and a tumbler. It's odd. I am asking you here on newgrounds to follow me on twitter so I can update you when I have new stuff here on NEWGROUNDS :D
Still, if you get a chance...
Follow me on TWITTER
Follow me on Tumblr


Rawr! ................... Let's PARTY!

Posted by deathink - January 1st, 2013

vodka + beer + whiskey + wine + champagne = hungover
Yeah, I guess that math checks out...

Happy New Year! 13 is my lucky number.
Got some pics a made, but I have to wait to upload.

I made this the other night!
I wasn't going to upload it, but meh...

I started working on an animation...it may take a while to finish. It's about a video game...its going to be EPIC "if i ever finish it :P "

Sadly I have a new twitter :(
So go make me happy and follow me! CHECK OUT MY TWAT-ER

It looks like rubbish right now, but I have been busy.


Posted by deathink - December 24th, 2012

Update: SO I bought 5 more games!

Well, it's almost over, just one more day. I really don't care for this season. Every body as such a bad attitude (well not every body). There is a lot of unnecessary stress. But don't get caught up in it, don't feed in to the marketing monster. The winter drive some people a little mad to begin with (and old lady at a walmart got punched in the face for a cell phone) so just do what you can to try to relax.

So I don't like making Christmas themed things. However, made a lot this year...
I participated in both NG advent calender movies...
Flash Advent Calender '12
and the NG Advent Calender "12
I also created the Winter Pixel Hunt
And Just this morning I put together another Christmas movie...well it's more of a slide show, CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT!

I created THIS GAME last year. It has a special medal you can only get on Christmas, so check it out tomorrow to unlock it!

I also created a large poster for Tom and JohnnyUtahs new game that I was planning to release today, but I think I will wait until they release there game first...sorry.

So I bought 19 indie steam games including
Binding of Isac
Indie game: The movie
Shank 2

I was just going to post all the keys, but then I realized the first person to see this page could just take 'em all (but you wouldn't do that would you?)
So just leave a comment and I will PM you with the key. Also let me know if you already have one or more of the games so I don't give you one you already have. And if you do end up getting one you already have, just give it to a friend :D Oh and also I will pick which one you get randomly. If there are more than 19 comments I will roll a dice to see who gets 'em but I will definitely give them to the first couple people who comment.

I will PM the codes on Christmas morning, so don't forget to check your mail box Christmas day :)


M.B. DeathInk


25 FREE STEAM GAMES, creepy santa.

Posted by deathink - December 13th, 2012

_____Frozen Pixel Hunt_____
Well this is the second Pixel Hunt game in a series of four I have scheduled to make. You can play the original "Hunt of Horror" flash game HERE. The game was real great, but it seemed to lag for some people, and some aspect of the game where a little convoluted. Tom released a similar hunt game soon after called Faces of 2012, and I was extremely Jelly of how smooth it ran and how straight forward the game play was set up so I borrowed heavily from his game to make this new one. The game once again features art elegantly designed by MOCKERY and painstakingly illustrated by POXPOWER.
Click here to play FROZEN PIXEL HUNT!

_____ NG CALENDER _____
I see the NG Calender is in the store today. It features great art from many great artists, including myself. I feel honored and privileged that my illustration was among the few which have been chosen to be included. I know it must have been a difficult task to choose from such impressive list of entrees. Check out all the calender entrees HERE.
And after that head on over to the NG shop an PICK UP A CALENDER TODAY!!!!!

So I have a couple games in the works, but there is one in particular that is troubling me. I have one plan to be released on Christmas eve, however, it may be evil... every time I start working on it I start to get sick and start seeing things. I know what you are thinking "DeathInk lay off the drugs", but I assure you I am not on any. I guess you will just have to play it and see for yourself. Hopefully it will be done in time, but if not, maybe its better off :D

And all I can say is WOW!

Pixel Art GAME, NG Calender, and blah blah

Posted by deathink - November 20th, 2012

So I have been playing this game a lot the past week and decided to make this. Man this game is SOOOOOO awesome. BTW Samus in the blue suit is nothing like when she is in her bra and panties like in the SNES version... why the heck did they change that. Anyway you can see a clip of the picture at the bottom of this post or you can >>> CLICK THIS LINK <<< to see the full version.

_____ I can has tumbles too?!? _____
lol, so after Tom announced NEWGROUNDS NEW TUMBLR yesterday I went and made my own. Some guy already had the name "DeathInk" so after a suggestion from Tom I decided to name it DeathPaint, All the branding still says DeathInk, but just remember if you are searching for it "PAINT".

So if you get a chance, why don't you >>> CLICK THIS LINK <<< and head over to my Tumblr and check it out, and don't forget to follow me :3

_____ ?VACATION? _____
I have a couple project I am working on right now, not to mention a (almost full time job) And one large Project I have been working on for a while that just really need to be finalized. I think after that I am going to go on a week long vacation (maybe two weeks). I don't think I will actually go anywhere, maybe just not do any computer work. I was told by a doctor only to look at a TV/computer screen for like 4 hours a day because I see spots and shit but I have not been doing that at all, so I look forward to a nice couple weeks rest.

Also right now I only have a very small drawling tablet (the kind without a built in screen), but after my next project is finished I think I am going to buy a cintiq and a mic so I can make some animations...

_____ I can remember eating this!!!!_____

Did that nerd just call it "a Nintendo cereal system"?!



Posted by deathink - November 13th, 2012

_____ Appleseed Art _____
I just uploaded a new picture, this one means a lot to me because it is one of my oldest pieces of art, I drew it when I was only 16, but for years I considered it one of my best pieces. I was constantly told that it was a tracing, while I detest tracing I eventually started taking it as a complement. You can see a clip of it at the bottom of this post, or you can CLICK THIS LINK!

_____ This is AWESOME!!! DeathInk car? FTW!_____
So this guy made a game (I don't think its released yet) and he made a "DeathInk" car...really. It is a monster truck hears with my logo on the side and a coffin that bounces around in the trunk. He let me test his game, and I did LIKE A BOSS! Here is a video of me be driving the deathink car.

I will link the game again once live so you too can drive the DeathInk car.

So I really want to beat "INSANE" mode, but is there anyone out there man enough to help me? I can't do it alone. I have a level 54 blacksmith and a 67 necromancer. If you are up for the challenge add me on steam and send me an invite. I know insane mode is so scary that you wet your self , but man up, throw on a pamper and lets do it. To add me on steam , just go to search for users and type death ink and I should pop up, my icon is super meat boy (should be easy to find me :P).

VVVVV Deunan Knute VVVVV

New art, Anime , Death Ink mobile, Castle Crasher's need you!!

Posted by deathink - October 31st, 2012

My power was out because of hurricane sandy and as a result I only got 2 hours of sleep last night (its a long story) so I am a little out of it right now. However as soon as it came on I uploaded the special Halloween Pico Radio featuring an epic yarn by RicePirate, and the one day only "trick or treat" medal.

Also as a result of the hurricane they have decided to postpone Halloween until Saturday...WTF?! First the myan calender now this shit (lol)... I went in to CVS (a local drug store) and there was Christmas decorations up >:(
Anyway I am glad to see the spirit of Halloween and imagination still going strong here on NG.

Last year I took first place in the Halloween game contest with my game Stranger Danger. I have ben in the process of creating a stranger danger 2, but I haven't had much time. On a side note the stranger danger game was a re-skin of another game I was working on, but never released...maybe soon.
Here is a couple more awesome submissions to get you in the Halloween mood...
Wilhelm Park
The Dangers of Halloween
Gone Too Far Too
EW Halloween Special
And for hundreds more just follow THIS LINK :P
Until next time Boy's and girl's, I think I am going to play Medievil and zombies ate my neighbors and Silent Hill until I pass out, or maybe I will just pound coffee and play fatal frame all night long...

Here is my first place pick for the pumpkin carving contest! An awesome rendition of Porsnorkadork by Turkyonastick. Check it out!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Pico Radio Medal ... stuff

Posted by deathink - October 23rd, 2012

_____ 2012 Calender Contest Entry_____
Check out my calender contest entry! The theme of my calender entry was MasterAardvark's "Tainted Goods". This animation reflect most of my personal preferences and I am sure will age like fine wine! You can see a clip of my entry at the bottom of this post or click the link above to view the whole image.

I just made a large update to Pico Radio with a snazzy new SPOOKTOBER skin. The SPOOKTOBER skin features a Pico illustration from Artist-Lost. I have also added 13 spooky new songs, 5 new art pieces and 2 new medals. You can check out a peek of this new skin at the bottom of this post.

There will be a special update to Pico Radio on Halloween with a special TRICK OR TREAT medal. You will only be able to receive the medal this Halloween SO DON"T MISS OUT! There may also be a trick-treat :P

So I googled the name of my game "Hunt of Horror" and found a let's play on You tube.

I also Have another Halloween picture I will be uploading on...you guessed it HALLOWEEN! :D
So be sure to stop by to check it out and get your special medal...


CONTEST entry! Pico Radio UPDATE, SPECIAL MEDAL, blah blah blah