❖ Ms.Dr.Bees illustration ❖

2013-09-16 11:51:14 by deathink

--- Ms.Dr.Bees ---
So Jazza has an art challenge (draw a famous character with its gender swapped). I thought it would be too easy to turn a guy in to a girl (and I was right),just take a famous male character and slap some boobies on him, DONE. So I decided I would turn a female into a male. I wanted to draw Sarah Conner or Ellen Ripply, but as I started drawling them I felt like I was making a blasphemy. Its so rare in media to have a badass strong enduring fictitious female character. Anyway the more I drew the more I felt like a douche. Also I don't really have much free time right now, so I decided not to participate. However I did make a quick sketch of Ms.Dr.Bess for fun. I had a little free time so I decided to color it. ...ENJOY!

❖ Ms.Dr.Bees illustration ❖


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2013-09-16 12:06:23

I saw your Tweet this earlier today and enjoyed it, even cooler knowing it was inspired by Jazza's contest!

(Updated ) deathink responds:

Yeah, it's such a fun challenge. I also flirted with the idea of creating a Ms.Snokulus. Who knows I may still draw it for middlefingerrings one day soon.


2013-09-16 13:22:29


deathink responds:



2013-09-16 13:34:08

"I wanted to draw Sarah Conner or Ellen Ripply, but as I started drawling them I felt like I was making a blasphemy."
"Anyway the more I drew the more I felt like a douche."

Man if only the creators of all that Godzilla rule 63 porn had experienced this, my childhood would be way more pure and not so dead... oh the pain, the impotence looking down on you, shame, my childhood din't die, it was not killed... that was a massacre, just plain genocide... and just as i was sure it couldn't get worse someone showed me gay porn of Godzilla vs King Ghidorah, and then i understood, is not worth the trouble, that shit will happen to anything, there is nothing sacred... and if that is so, then how can anyone indulge in blasphemy? sigh, one good thing that i actually envy of hipsters is that their shit is so obscure that it would never get desecrated, but then again there is nothing sacred to begin with...

deathink responds:

Don't let douches ruin sacred thing for you. If you hold it dear and treat it with respect, it will always remain sacred to the people who actually matter.


2013-09-16 17:18:28

I wonder why it's normal to turn female characters into male characters but not vise-versa? A reflection on a double-standard of our society perhaps? Anyway, you did a wonderful job with this. My favourite part is the bee. Bees are great. Did you know the bees are disappearing? It's a sad time to be alive.

deathink responds:

Yeah I heard that :(


2013-09-16 18:34:50

She's got nice beebs.

P.S. I'd love to see a female Proporkdiggus. It would allow all my fans to be more comfortable with the intense sexual attraction they undoubtedly feel towards him.

deathink responds:

I know I would feel more comfortable with my intense sexual attraction to him.


2013-09-16 19:08:46

Yeah relativism seems to make everything work.

deathink responds:



2013-09-16 20:16:23

I enjoyed!

deathink responds:

Next I draw her nude!


2013-09-16 23:04:24

from jazza's challenge you r totally earning newgrounds $30 gift card from him.

deathink responds:

Hahaha, thanks Henrun.


2013-09-17 00:09:37

Now, all we need is art of her painful death.

(Updated ) deathink responds:

Unlike Dr.Bees , she doesn't die, however she does move to Hollywood and become a meth addict :(
And by meth I mean Honey.


2013-09-17 06:40:11

a female fernando (by sexual lobster), please? hahhaha

deathink responds:

I did think of doing fernando, but I tire of drawling smelly whores :P


2013-09-17 12:35:13

Man, you should see some of the League of Legends female to male genderswaps I've seen from this one particular artist. They also keep the skimpy clothing, so they all look goddamn hilarious.


deathink responds:

hahaha, that is great!