WOOT! HALF-LIFE, and what I am up too

2013-07-26 01:21:22 by deathink

Well I hate making post when I don't have anything new uploaded, but on the other hand I hate not making posts... so I have to compromise but just telling you what I have been up to.

Honestly , no shitting you... if I was asked if I would rather win an Oscar or the UOTY, I wouldn't even hesitate to say User Of The Year. NEWGROUNDS is awesome! <3 you guys. Also I was asked not to tell, but there is a super secret User of the year lounge where... well I have said too much already.

Well remember that game I said I was finally finished with a while back... yeah I have been working on that again :(
The bad part is I have been busy with it, the goo d part is it is much better than it was before. But it should be done now, and as soon as its sold I will have more time to work on some projects.

:: 3 NEW GAMES ::
So I have an app I have been working on for NG, it has something to do with another app i have made for NG. The second game is the SUMMER PIXEL hunt game. And the last one is super secret. I will let you guys know more about it soon, I just don't want to jinx it... but it's coming along GREAT!

Well I have been toying with the idea of making a kickstarter for a poster of my ROBOTIC NIGHTMARE picture. I have been really busy so I haven't went through all the details with a fine toothed comb yet. But it looks like i would have to sell 75 19x26 posters at $8 each. And if I do , I would probably donate a shit tone to NG to sell in the store. I am not a big fan of kickstarters but this is kinda more like a pre-order. What do you guys think? How much would you buy it for? The alternative is I license it out to an official poster company, but they charge $15-$20 a poster.

I have been hanging out with EVILDOG that last couple weeks in his live stream (watching him put the finishing touches on ROAD OF THE DEAD 2). Man that game looks amazing! I have been playing a lot of HALF-LIFE as of late, and was wondering what it would be like if John from Road of the DEAD, was in half-life instead of Freeman, and well I came up with this lol.

Okay... that's it for now. I promise the next post will be shorter, and with less cryptic details :P


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2013-07-26 01:38:00

Of course we'd buy your shit, DI. Was that ever a serious question? Get that Kickstarter up pronto!

deathink responds:

Maybe I will put it up on my next day off.


2013-07-26 02:54:07

Is the trololo guy still funny?

deathink responds:

Was he ever funny?


2013-07-26 03:51:05

Dude that was great, also didn't know that they were out yet, awesome that LUCKY DAY FOREVER won that movie was great!!!!!!

deathink responds:

Yeah, Lucky day was awesome. and ABOBO was VERY AWESOME! I think most people called that they would win, which is more impressive because they both had amazing competition...
Pleasure Island 4
Madness: Project nexus
Just to name a few...


2013-07-26 03:59:44

I'd totally buy a poster. Though I'd probably want one of either that Robotic Nightmare pic you put in your post or one of the DeathInk 2099 picture you uploaded.

deathink responds:

Yeah, I would definitely get ROBOTIC NIGHTMARE printed. But the Deathink2099 would be cool too.
I already have a Hi-res version of it... I just have to get some free time when I can nail down the details.


2013-07-26 04:03:11

Talking about apps im here to sell you one for free... is a combination of http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/602385 merged with streaming and file sharing, more info here on Ms. Sabtastic's post http://sabtastic.newgrounds.com/news/post/8528 00 the idea is originally from mister VicariousE and i got hyped on it pointing out all the possibilities it could have and the things it could do, so the talking got off topic, and in the end Mr. Vicarious told me to go on a spamming crusade until someone gets some interest on this, but guess what? im too lazy to even go on an stalking frenzy so i will just leave this here...

(Updated ) deathink responds:

Wow, that is a good idea. I wonder if I could pull that off.


2013-07-26 06:30:54

Congrats on user of the year man,thats awesome! And yah that would be a wicked poster def buy

deathink responds:

Thanks man! It's easy to be User of the Year when you are surrounded by such great and talented people.


2013-07-26 11:29:24

yeah the competence was hard, but there is this think about lucky day, that makes you ponder about the state of things, as for the games i just cannot voice my opinion there i loved them all equally XD (is this love? hahaha)

yes please give it a go, and spread the word, we really do believe it would be a great feature!


2013-07-26 11:41:42

Hmm...okay. Well if you ever decide to make a poster of the DeathInk 2099 one let me know. I may consider buying one.

deathink responds:

Will do ;)


2013-07-26 12:10:18

Congratulations on User of the Year! You deserve it 110% I'm going to grow up to be like you one day.....maybe. But seriously, good job man. Looking forward to seeing more work.

deathink responds:

Looking forward to doing some more work...


2013-07-26 19:53:55

Yeah I saw UOTY congrats man you deserve it! :) is our game the super secret game? :O

deathink responds:

Thanks man, nope... our game is the super DUPER secret game :3


2013-07-26 21:09:51

Dang it, now I have to get a smart phone. PS good going on the whole UOTY thing, you make a lot of good stuff!

deathink responds:

Thanks a lot man.


2013-07-26 21:32:24

Congrats all day man! Can I touch you?

deathink responds:

Only if I can touch you first.


2013-07-29 17:21:55

I've beaten the Road of the Dead game in both difficulty's levels. So I cant wait to test my skills in the Road of the Dead 2! A great opportunity for Co-Op

deathink responds:

Yeah man... it looks AMAZING!


2013-08-02 11:47:01

19x26 posters @ $8? That's a rad price. Kickstarter seems like kind of a crapshoot, but against the alternative and considering it costs nothing to do...I'd go for it!

PS: Sold game? Is for mobile?

deathink responds:

Well after going over the details, the posters price and size is going to change. :(
but it should not be too much more.


2013-08-05 01:24:54

great stuff great stuff!