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deathink's News

Posted by deathink - July 10th, 2015


Happy @MindChamber day every one!!!

Here is my entry. Click this link to view the full image, there is MUCH more to see!!!


Kill ya later <3<3<3

Posted by deathink - July 2nd, 2015


So @Mindchamber day is right around the corner. Last year I toyed with the idea that it would be the last time I entered the competition, however...
If I do enter this year it will be the fourth time for me. I have won the last 3 consecutive years. My first piece being DEATHBUG, next came one of my favorite pieces I ever made ROBOTIC NIGHTMARE,  and last year I made probably the most detailed picture I ever drew ROBOTIC SHI.

I am very excited that there will be a lot of good competition this year. @thePsychoSheep, @TurkeyOnAStick and @test-object already threw down the gauntlet. I would also really like to see @Kamikaye enter, he always gives me a run for my money.

★★Too Many Games★★

I had the privileged to sit on the Newgrounds panel at Too Many Games with @Tomfulp, @RicePirate and @Oney. It was a real blast, I was laughing almost the whole time. It was the first time I ever spoke publicly, but It went well. I still haven't found any photos or videos of it yet, but I did see a bunch of people recording. Tom got a real good pic of the crowed, maybe he will upload it.

Later, me and Tom were talked into going to the Pink Dildis panel. It was retarded, insane, juvenile, lame AND FUCKING GREAT! One of the panelists threw a piece of candy and it flew by me and Tom's head so a kicked a heard of chairs back at them. Still looking for the video of that panel too.

Okay got to get back to work <3

2012 winner


2013 winner


2014 winner


Posted by deathink - April 21st, 2015

It looks like I will not be able to finish my game on time. I knew I wouldn't, but I at least wanted to release a demo, but my project scopeing is out of control, and I would rather wait and take time with it then rush :(

However, to further your disappointment, I have uploaded my favorite sprite from the game... enjoy!




Also, if you want to punch me for the delay in person, I'll be at Pico Day!

Posted by deathink - March 13th, 2015

Sometimes, I just want to Re-boot.


Posted by deathink - March 6th, 2015

★★ Darkest Dungeon ★★

My entry for the Darkest Dungeon Art Contest. Click This Link to view the full version. There is a lot more to the image than what you see here, there is also a lot of detail you miss if you don't look at the larger version. Let me know what you think, and don't for get to share/comment/vote.



★★ Game UPDATE ★★

Last week I asked people to comment in my post to be a part of my next game and almost 89 people commented. Most roles are real small, but there are a few that have more to them. I'll keep you posted on that. I did have to take a short break to pump out some art, a few commissions, this art contest, something for Sab's Picoday entry, and something for a "mystery man's" picoday entry. It is going to put me back a couple weeks :( but I am going to be working on the project round the clock after that.

Also, I don't want to reveal his name yet, but I have an amazing musician scoring the game, and a couple other surprises.


★★ SELL OUT ★★

Don't miss out when I post something new...

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Posted by deathink - February 26th, 2015

★★ WIN a part in my new game! ★★

I don't have much time, so let's keep this short. I am working hard on my PICO DAY game. So far it is AWESOME! It's a game I have been thinking about for a LONG time, but don't want to spoil anything by showing WIPS. A large group of NG members appear at one time or another, and here is where you come in.---

Here are the requirements to become eligible...

  • 1. Have a Newgrounds membership
  • 2. You have uploaded something to a portal or made a news post at least once.  
  • 3. Members with a supporter badge will be instantly added.   

Also, I will consider more active users than inactive.

Well that's it... I am not 100% sure how many people I will add yet, but there are a lot of openings, so if you post, you will most likely be added.
Also if I do pick you, I may ask you to write a phrase I can put into the game .

If you are interested just leave a comment.



I have been writing comics for years, but I never thought my art was good enough yet, you see, comics is an art form all its own that I greatly respect. But I figure its time. I need to start making these things or else I am going to take them to the grave with me. Here is a pic of what the first comic is going to be about.



I have also been working on another new game. I have a bunch of code done and some art. It's kind of a short game, but I already got some great voice actors on board, and I have the greatest dubstep musician in the world already composing music for it. This game I plan on showing the DEV process here on Newgrounds, using the news post as a dev blog. But that will not start happening until emidiatly after PicoDay.


★★ Patreon Kickstarter ★★

I keep getting people asking me to start these. IDK why I haven't, but maybe I'l kickstart my next game. And If I created a Patreon, should it be for comics or games? Is there a good way to do both?



I FUCKING HATE  Twitter. But I have one, so you might as well follow me there too if you have an account too.

I Also have a new facebook page. Like it to be notified when I upload or post anything new.

Also, I uploaded this for V-day..



Posted by deathink - January 1st, 2015


Maybe you got coal this year, or maybe you are just greedy and want MORE FREE STUFF!!! Well if you missed my Christmas giveaway here is your chance!

BoMToons was nice enough to give me a bunch of copies of his NEW game...


How do you enter the giveaway? Simple... do you have steam? Are you an active NEWGROUNDS member? If yes then just leave a comment below and on Jan 10th I will put all the names of people who commented into a hat and randomly select the winners. I will then PM you the steam key codes before the end of the day.

BoMToons is the co-creator of great games such as Abobo's Big Adventure (Probobly one of the best games ever made!) and Castle Crashing the Beard.

You can check out the Super Chibi Knight Steam page by clicking HERE.

Or you can check out and LIKE the Super Chibi Knight Facebook page by clicking HERE.


Last weeks winners were...

  • megacharlie159


  • LiLg

  • TicTackLock

  • Magical-Zorse

Someday I'll have enough for everyone! Until then... GOOD LUCK!


I also released Super Rad Awesome this week... It won the DAILY FIRST PLACE and the REVEIW CREW PICK. It features art by POXPOWER and concept and design by Mockery. Check it out, it's RAD!!!

And as always, follow me on...




Posted by deathink - December 20th, 2014


Okay, so you're naughty, but who cares? I still think your great, so I am having a holiday game giveaway.

I have a bunch of copies of..

  • Castle Crashers
  • Super Meat Boy
  • Fallout New Vegas

How do you enter the giveaway? Simple... do you have steam? Are you an active NEWGROUNDS member? If yes then just leave a comment below and on Christman morning I will put all the names of people who commented into a hat and randomly select the winners. I will then PM you the steam key codes before the end of the day.

Sounds good? Good.3847739_141909507052_data-image.jpg

Follow me at...



Posted by deathink - December 3rd, 2014

5K Fans? Thank you SOOO much guys (and gals). Seriously, thanks for all the support, It really is flattering. 

To show you my appreciation I am going to upload a previously unreleased game I made way back in 2011 called Flying pigs. It's all ready to go, I am just waiting for some sound stuff to come in for it. So in about a week or so.

If you want to beta test it, or check it out early, leave a message.

It's a fun little game about puzzles, but it can get pretty hard in the later levels.

If you haven't followed me yet, don't be an uncool fool, scroll over to the little heart and click it!

I also Have a couple more things in the works right now. But there a little ways off from being completed. Ok, that's it for now... THANKS AGAIN!

And as always, follow me at

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Posted by deathink - November 7th, 2014

I drew a pic of Sab as a Tankgirl. She has always supported me (and many others) so I made this just to show my appreciation. Follow this link to check it out! Also vote/comment and share if you like it, it really means a lot to me.

I have some other snazzy things I have been working on for you guys, but I have been moving around a lot, so things are going SLOWLY :(

Also, I am drunk right now... YONK!

Anyway, <3 you guys.


And as always...

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