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Posted by deathink - June 11th, 2016

How ya doing bbz?

Posted by deathink - May 26th, 2016


So I decided to record the process of making my Bartkira page through a series of pictures.

But keep in mind that some of these step were done out of order from a normal comic, for instance, I inked the panel borders first, you would normally do something like that last, but since I already know EXACTLY how the finished page will look I could do it first.


So first I created the panel borders on a piece of 9x12 bristol board . Comic art is usually created on 11x17 bristol board, but as I am accustomed to drawing really small detail (and confident I wouldn’t lose too much quality), I thought a smaller scale would save some time.


Here you can see the first sketches. Since there was already two different styles I had to accommodate (Akira and Simpsons) I didn’t want to introduce a 3rd style (my own), so I used it as an opportunity to painstakingly study the original Akira art, trying to match it almost line for line.


Another close up, you can see I kept the original Akira on my desk the whole time.


On the left you can see it’s finally all finished being sketch except the “MONKS” heads; I was still waiting for confirmation on who the Monks were visually associated with in the Bartkira universe.

And on the right you can see I've started to ink.


Again, keeping the original close at hand.



Here is the final product all inked and scanned side by side with the original Akira art.

I believe this piece becomes far more impressive when you see it next to the original, you can really see how dedicated I was to remaining faithful to the original style.


And for fun I colored it so I could upload here on NeoGeo. I kninda hate the color version compared to the Black and White. But I really like the way panel #6 turned out.



Welp thats it, I have 4 more pages to draw. I might do more of the step by step stuff for the others as well (if people seem interested).

Also, if you like what you see more, please consider becoming a supporter on my Patreon, every little bit helps!

or you could follow me on







Posted by deathink - May 17th, 2016



I was recently asked to come on board the BARTKIRA project. For those who don’t know, it’s a mash up of Akira and the Simpson. They have almost finished recreating all 6 volumes.

I was assigned pages 291-295 from volume 6.

I’ll make sure to post ‘em here as they are produced, maybe I will even make a couple new post showing the process.


I haven’t really gathered any steam for this project yet, but I have been trying to hone in a good style for it. I’m probably going to try another patreon push soon, but regardless within a week or two I am going to start posting pages. They are not going to be super high detail because right now I just can’t afford to spend all week on each page (but it will still be cool looking).


Some people have asked me if I abandoned it. No, I will not abandon it, it’s just slow going. This game is being made more as a hobby in my free time (something I don’t have much of), and stupidly I keep restarting from scratch, I think I have rebuild the core engine like 4 times now, but when you are doing something for fun, it’s hard not to just play around with stuff.

With all these restarts you would think it would be amazing, but don’t get hyped, I start completely over with very minimal improvement. The sound and art is fantastic though!


I submitted my Piper picture to the Heavy Metal Cover Competition, there is still time to vote on my submission if you are interested. I’m not sure how much it helps, but a better score will help draw more attention to it.

Here is a link to my submission.



ALSO, I GOT PICO POX... pray for me.

Posted by deathink - May 9th, 2016


Pico Day was awesome.

Super cool meeting everyone.

I think you guys (and gals) are great, everyone was fantastic. Thanks for all the love!

I really can't articulate how amazing and inspiring of an experiance it is.



Posted by deathink - April 26th, 2016


I recently had the privilege of creating a custom skull emote set for supporters.
I'm sure you read the anouncment news post about it, but if not it's right here.


---PICO DAY---

I'll be there. Keep an eye out for me, say hi. I havn't drank any alcohol since October, so I might be belligerent.


I have a super badass picture in the works. I don't want to give too much away, but it's of a fellow supporter, and there is another cool refrance too but... well I have said too much already.


I'm still working on Stranger Danger 2, I keep putting it on hold, but don't think I'm giving up on it, I just got a lot of shit to do. I also have a fallout comic I am trying to build steam for (this is also kinda a side project). And then I have some very important things that I've been trying to hold off on, but I think it's time. I'll talk about that more later.

Bye for now...



Deathink <3


Posted by deathink - April 16th, 2016


I made a quick Walter White sketch this morning.

I actually hate the show Breaking Bad, but oddly enough I love Walter White. I watched the entire series (except the last two episodes) not giving a single fuck about anyone else but Walter.

Like I said, I didn't watch the last two episodes, but I assume Walter just killed everyone and lived happily ever after.

Posted by deathink - April 2nd, 2016


Posted by deathink - March 24th, 2016

So I have been making these dumb comics for just over a year now. I never meant to make a set of ‘em, it just sorta happened. I would make them to help just blow off some steam. Well I have a lot of ‘em now but I don’t think they really belong in the art portal, but some of you guys might get a kick out of them, so here they are… enjoy!



there was also the Gay one, but I did upload that to the art portal HERE IS A LINK TO THAT ONE.

Posted by deathink - February 25th, 2016



I have started to adapt the script. I have researched and wrote a rough outline  and have started to flesh out the first chapter. Once the first part of the the chapter is fully written I will begin to storyboard then start drawing the final product, while drawing that I will start to flesh out the second part and so on.


I’ll start uploading some stuff as it gets completed, but as of now I am not 100% sure when that will be or the frequency of the uploads. My patreons will get an advanced preview, then I will give Newgrounds an advanced release by a couple days from other media outlets, so If you are interested in seeing it first don’t forget to follow me.


You can consider becoming a supporter of my Patreon to help increase the frequency and quality of the comic. There are also a lot of rewards included for my Patreons.

I have also been working on Stranger Danger 2 off and on. Sadly I keep starting over from scratch, but this should be the final iteration of the game.

3847739_145642735121_data-image.jpg 3847739_145642735152_data-image.jpg 3847739_145642735091_data-image.jpg


ALSO: I don't know if i shred this video of the snow tank here or not.



Posted by deathink - February 17th, 2016


I have recently launched a Patreon. I don’t know how I feel about it yet, but the upside is if I reach my 3rd goal I can start production on a FALLOUT graphic novel that will debut right here on Newgrounds.

What’s that? You hate fallout. Well that’s fine, there are many other great reasons to become a supporter including original content I have been very secretive about.

I honestly don’t know how this patreon is going to work out, but it’s a small step in a direction I have been putting off for a while. I’ll have a more detailed write up for you guys soon.

If you can’t afford to become a supporter, but still want to help you can share my patreon through social media, or if you know someone who might dig my stuff, let them know about me.

Either way, even if I don’t make a single cent off Patreon, some good stuff is still coming soon, backers will just help it get here a little faster.

Here is a link to it.