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deathink's News

Posted by deathink - December 7th, 2013


So I just really wanted to try this out, so I will post some of my sketch book art (which I usally only show in person).


My sketch books are kinda like mental journals as well as a place to experiment. I also kind depend on them to keep me from snapping. Anyway, most of my pages look like this...


I also just sketched a dragon...


____MY EYES____

Last year I mentioned I see spots, my DR. says I have to limet my computer use, I said OKAY... and then didn't. But recently I have started to. meh...


You guys getting anything good this year? Or were you bad like me?


Um were was I when they mentioned you can embed NG videos now. Enjoy this video.


Alright, next time I will post some real stuff not just this blah blah....

Posted by deathink - November 14th, 2013

Check out these links...
--- THE GAME ---
--- THE MOVIE ---
--- THE SONG ---
--- THE "ART" ---

Thanks NEOGEO for all your support. In general the game was received really well. In fact, some of the best reviews I have ever received were about this game. However there were a lot of negative reviews sighting the difficulty as a major problem, and I will have to admit, I found these reviews the most flattering. But honestly, I never intended the "cupcake mode" to be so difficult to others. I wanted it to be slightly challenging, and I even remembered telling myself "no one is going to like this.... it's too easy". I even had a harder version of the game before release that was mind melting (I will have to publish that version someday). The real challenge was in the "REAL MODE".

So in about a span of a month I built out 2 games. The Asslevanina game you see here is just a short prolog, but before I made this one I had already built a completely different engine (from scratch) of Asslevanina starring Alucard. It was the original game I planned to release but I knew I would never finish in time, so that's when I decided to create this short intro level. It was 75% done before I even started creating the Belmont version LOL.

Did yo wonder what was on the other side of those blue and green barriers, well I will tell you, about 50 other rooms, including 4 boss fights.

But will I finish it? I don't know. The fact is, while I love this game (probably just because of the great work Johnnyutah , ricepirate, and sexual-lobster). It was just going be a funny little joke game made for fun. I promise I will make a real game for you guys someday (maybe many real games). I have a lot of 'em locked away in my head.

Posted by deathink - November 7th, 2013

Asslevania is HERE! Starring RicePirate, JohnnyUtah and Sexual-Lobster.
I have been working around the clock on this one... ENJOY!

P.S. Make me happy and spread links to this game across the web.


Posted by deathink - October 12th, 2013

___ Fallout / Adventure Time Art___
I recently collaborated with VanillyCake. She made some great Fallout/Adventure Time line art that I was more than happy to color. I REALLY like Adventure Time art (I fucking love "the lich" art), and as you probably know, I have an unhealthy fascination with Fallout (and well any time of post apocalyptic fiction).

___New Game___
Still working around the clock on my new game, still should be ready by the 19th but honestly, I have no concept of time.

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Adventure Time / Fallout art

Posted by deathink - October 4th, 2013

New game coming soon guys! I am shooting for the 19th, there is still a lot of work to be done.
In the mean time you can play one of my Halloween classics!
Maybe the best flash game I ever made!
I promise some day I will make the sequel to that one.


Posted by deathink - September 26th, 2013

ᗌᗌᗌ DOJO ᗏᗏᗏ
Check out the full version of the art HERE!

ᗌᗌᗌ IN ACTION ᗏᗏᗏ
Here is a small clip of it in the game, there are a few big changes that need to be made, but you will get the general feel of it from this video.

Beast's Fury background art in action

Posted by deathink - September 25th, 2013

ᗌᗌᗌ DOJO ᗏᗏᗏ
So I was recently brought on as the background artist for the game "Beast's Fury" . They made there goal on indiegogo to create a demo. You can check out the details HERE!
The game looks like it is going to be AWESOME, but what really sold me was I was going to be working with my buddy EVIL-DOG. If you are reading this , then I am sure you already know, (but for those who don't) Evil-Dog created games like Road of the dead and punk'o'matic, so I know the code is going to run perfect.

Anyway, you can check out a sample of the art HERE!

Still plugging away at a little Halloween game, I really wanted to make something very scary, but I didn't have enough time :( however I think you guys are really going to like this one instead. I will give you one hint... it has Dracula in the game.



Posted by deathink - September 16th, 2013

--- Ms.Dr.Bees ---
So Jazza has an art challenge (draw a famous character with its gender swapped). I thought it would be too easy to turn a guy in to a girl (and I was right),just take a famous male character and slap some boobies on him, DONE. So I decided I would turn a female into a male. I wanted to draw Sarah Conner or Ellen Ripply, but as I started drawling them I felt like I was making a blasphemy. Its so rare in media to have a badass strong enduring fictitious female character. Anyway the more I drew the more I felt like a douche. Also I don't really have much free time right now, so I decided not to participate. However I did make a quick sketch of Ms.Dr.Bess for fun. I had a little free time so I decided to color it. ...ENJOY!

❖ Ms.Dr.Bees illustration ❖

Posted by deathink - August 23rd, 2013

Well I have 20 different steam games to give away. Games like..
∙Risen 2
∙Sacred 2 Gold
∙Saints Row 2
∙Saints row 3 +all DLCs
∙Dead Island
∙Metro 2033
∙Sacred Citadel
∙Dead Space
∙Burnout Paradise
∙Crysis 2
∙Medal of honor
∙Mirrors edge
And if you are extra lucky I might even give a super meat boy I have been holding on to.

Want a free game? All you have to do is participate in my OPERATION eSTICKER BOMB.
Here is how you participate. DOWNLOAD this image,then post that image anywhere on the internet (except Newgrounds or a file dump) and post a link to it here in this post.
The more places you post it, the better. The 5 people with the most posts to different web sites will get to choose which game they get and games are limited to fist come first served. The funniest post will get a bunch of games. And for the rest of the games I will just throw the names of everybody who participate into a hat an choose randomly.

Do you hate video games or steam but still want to participate... well then go ahead, post your links like crazy, just don't forget to post a link to them here so we can give you kudos.

Also... why bacon? Why not?

---NEW GAME---
Me and xraven13 made an arena shooting game together. Click HERE to play it!

---OLD GAME---
Also I made this other game last week. Trying to keep it on the DL :D
But Check it out if you haven't already.
Click here to go back in time!

While I am always working on a number of projects, this one is a little different. I have been recently been added to a team of talented developers to work on a pretty impressive looking game. After I get some stuff finished for them I will go into more detail, but for now I will just say I will be working with one of my favorite flash devs from here on NG.

Halloween is quickly approaching, I am thinking of putting all other projects on hold so I can finish something for the holiday... Holiday seems like such a chump term for such an awesome occasion.

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I just seen CLATFORM posted this

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Posted by deathink - August 12th, 2013

--- NEWGAME ---
Just a little something I made for you guys.
This started out as just a test, that quickly got out of control.
Click here to play the game!

NEW GAME! Highscore Challenge and 500pts of medals.