Sketch Book >:V

2013-12-07 22:13:59 by deathink


So I just really wanted to try this out, so I will post some of my sketch book art (which I usally only show in person).


My sketch books are kinda like mental journals as well as a place to experiment. I also kind depend on them to keep me from snapping. Anyway, most of my pages look like this...


I also just sketched a dragon...


____MY EYES____

Last year I mentioned I see spots, my DR. says I have to limet my computer use, I said OKAY... and then didn't. But recently I have started to. meh...


You guys getting anything good this year? Or were you bad like me?


Um were was I when they mentioned you can embed NG videos now. Enjoy this video.


Alright, next time I will post some real stuff not just this blah blah....


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2013-12-07 22:30:43

The line breaks are my favorite part of this site now.

deathink responds:

Yeah, they are very nice looking.


2013-12-07 22:51:44

Fuck yeah Sketch books!

deathink responds:

Sketch yeah Fuck books!


2013-12-07 22:57:23

well, we all get bored from time to time,
most draw or watch videos... others fap.

deathink responds:

I do all three.


2013-12-08 00:13:05

Can't wait to see more! This system should also make showing off game development progress of yours a lot easier. I know I wouldn't mind seeing your games mid-development.

deathink responds:

Yeah, this new system has a lot of potential.


2013-12-08 06:05:57

That is one tremendous-looking dragon sketch! Really cool!
How long did it take you to draw?

deathink responds:

I think it took me like an hour or something.


2013-12-08 07:00:59

You should make a flash movie where you can flip through the sketchbook, something like Sabtastics sketcbooks. It would take a lot of scanning tho.

deathink responds:

I would like to do something like that, but my scanner is too small. It is such a pain in a the ass so scan anything out of my book. Maybe someday though.


2013-12-08 13:11:19

Jeez, that castle just maaay be in trouble. Love the dragon!

deathink responds:

I hope they bought dragon insurance...


2013-12-08 16:04:17

Ok... but at least use a condom, we don't want sticky books!


2013-12-09 00:47:15

love your work! that is all

deathink responds:

thanks a lot man...