COMIC JAM 4 - Slave girl

2013-02-25 11:49:52 by deathink

::: COMIC JAM 4 :::
I participated in the comic jam. CHECK OUT MY SUBMISSION!
I was running out of time because I had a little bit of a late start. So the scan is not that great, and I didn't get a chance to color it. After the judging I plan on going back and rescanning and coloring it.
This competition is always real fun, but very demanding.
The Theme was "stolen", and I decided to get a little creative with it, while still taking the theme very literally.

I got some games in the works, and A new animation added to the list of stuff that will never get done (just kidding).
My next focus will be a game I am working on with some guys from NEWGROUNDS.
Anyway, I don't have much time right now, so I am going to run for now...


COMIC JAM 4 - Slave girl


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2013-02-25 13:56:55

Dats some fine titty

deathink responds:

fine titties


2013-02-25 15:29:47

I actually rather like the freako spelling of "crule". Kinda looks like old English, or some wacky shit you'd see in a spell-book.

deathink responds:

Its funny you say that... I have a lot of poetry from when I was young, and I always felt that the misspells should be left in them. They are an expression that I feel shouldn't be altered.


2013-02-25 20:50:44

i thought this was a hilarious idea haha, shame i cant review it since im still banned from reviewing anything for the past soe amount of years...

deathink responds:



2013-02-27 22:57:22

That is cool man, as always :D

Hey, your new icon makes me feel weird... It is like... not the same, haha.

deathink responds:

Yeah, I hate when people change there icons, but I am a sucker for well made pixel art :3


2013-03-02 13:55:16

Changing the subject ...
icon image that good!
I also started a Comics But On Facebook LOL! 9091888590.1073741826.249663005101201&type =3 !

deathink responds:

Whats a facebook?


2013-03-02 17:05:58

I fear it will be in Facebook! Why my Newgrounds Exceeds 20!

deathink responds:

If you put it on NEWGROUNDS... I will definitely read it :)


2013-03-03 06:12:46

Didn't you have a site?

deathink responds:

I did, but I posted my picture "COMPATIBLE SOFTWARE". And my host accused me of illegally trying to distribute porn >:(
This enraged me to no end. So I could post pictures of naked women, but I couldn't post a picture of two men running naked. There was nothing sexual in that picture. So after they put my site back online, i changed my site to say "fuck my host" over and over, and I just let my contract just run