DeathInk Car ready for a test drive!

2013-02-16 12:05:23 by deathink

A Deathink hearse monster truck? FTW!?!?!
Renegade Racing was released on NEWGROUNDS, and it features a bad ass monster truck called "deathink" with my logo on it! It even has a coffin that bumps around in the is awesome!
Bad-ass Deathink mobiles not your thing... well it also has a DeLorean with working flux capacitor (if you are in to that kinda thing).
You can check out a picture of it here!
Play the game here!
I made a NEWGROUNDS snow tank :3
But it melted :(
I did snap a couple of pics of it, take a look!
I said I would draw a pic of the first person to beat my Cathode Raybots hichscores, and well the user SAMINAT finally did it... so it looks like I will be drawling a pony space marine. lul

::: TRAILER :::
also I made a rubbish trailer for my new game, we are getting a better one made, but this one is still good for a quick peek.

Speaking of rubbish trailers this is the trailer to the first real game I ever sold.

I really liked this game, but it was RIDICULOUSLY hard. You really have to think hard to beat it... in fact only two people have ever beaten it... maybe some day I will remake it...

DeathInk Car ready for a test drive!


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2013-02-16 12:25:27

congrats, saminat! i can hardly imagine a pony space marine. good luck on drawing it, though! I'm sure it's going to look cool. btw, the FLYING PIGS teaser looks as if it was recorded with hypercam, lol.

deathink responds:

Yeah... its pretty bad lol


2013-02-16 12:38:34

Nice little truck in Renegade Racing! What's in the box with the handles? Skis? Golf clubs? Anyone I know?

deathink responds:

No body that will be missed!


2013-02-16 23:49:52

I'd like to thank the Sabtastic Academy! I remember seeing that Deathink monster truck, jeez, but it was sometime last year!

Boy does that sudden aviator game look cool!

deathink responds:

Yeah... he has been working on that car game for a while... But it was worth it!


2013-02-17 00:08:14

nice work on the new game, that art looks fun .. and great job on raybots lol

deathink responds:

Thanks man... a lot of the gui really looks great. Hopefully the real trailer has some shots of it.


2013-02-18 07:51:34

How the fucking god does anyone beat that many raybots, I couldn't get passed like the first 3.

deathink responds:

with there pants OFF!