Cathode Raybots! New ART! Contest Prize!

2013-02-07 23:36:44 by deathink

It's here, and OH BOY is it AWESOME!!!
Creating Raybots is insanely fun for anyone. Drawling there faces, dressing them creating there weapons, stages and fighting patters, who wouldn't love that?
Have you tried to unlock the medals?
If you are a hardcore games, unlocking these medals are a must.
If your great at games, some of these medals may be a breeze, but you will eventually come up against a raybot that will just kick your ass. Your heart will start pounding, your hands will start shaking and sweating, and you may even start swearing uncontrollably. You'll cures the uses who designed the Raybot (most likely Sabtastic). You may even start to think it is impossible. But I will tell you this, when you finally do beat that bastard the sense of accomplishment will far exceed your frustrations. And that same Raybot that kicked your ass will from then on be your favorite boss.
For me is was a Raybot called "dad"

It truly is amazing how this game captures the essence of the old NES games.

So I drew two pieces of art for this games release. The first one was released a while ago Cathode Raybots Poster. But I wanted to have an image to release the same time the game came out so here it is CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUT! You can also see a clip of it at the bottom of this post.

So I have been playing the fuck out of Cathode Raybots since I got home from work today, but I have finally climbed to the top of all the leader boards. You don't believe me? Watch this...

Is there anyone man enough to knock me off the leader board? If so I'll be waiting for the top.

::: CONTEST :::
The first person to comment on this post with all the medals unlocked and have climbed above me in ALL the Raybot highscores will be named the winner and dubbed "a true space marine".
And for the prize, I will draw you as a SPACE MARINE and upload the picture to the art portal.
Sound cool? OK then, good luck solder!

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Also this is what is looks like when you unlock all the medals, wouldn't you like to have a sexy medals screen like this!

Cathode Raybots! New ART!  Contest Prize!


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2013-02-08 00:09:06

I dunno man, I think my cockbot was pretty hard :P

deathink responds:

It was very erect... I mean hard :D


2013-02-08 00:11:43

Prepare to draw a pony marine!

deathink responds:

lololol Now I hope you do win!


2013-02-08 01:01:13


Also this contest looks super cool. If I can squeeze something out between midterms I'm totally in. :3

deathink responds:

Once you can beat "DAD" without getting lucky, all other bot are a walk in the park.


2013-02-08 01:16:39

You're on, deathink!

deathink responds:

Let's do this!


2013-02-08 03:19:03

>Be Me

>Deathink issues challenge

>Impossible because DeathInk is a gaming God


(Updated ) deathink responds:

RAGE!!!!! D:<


2013-02-08 07:10:40

Deathink your scores are all over the place for this game!

deathink responds:

Yours can be too! :P


2013-02-08 12:51:00

I'll play Right Now! EMOTION: 'D

deathink responds:

You better get on it... Saminat is climbing the charts pretty quick!


2013-02-08 19:21:06

saminat killed everyone except you :3

deathink responds:

It's going to take a while :D


2013-02-08 21:00:24

the game is freakin hard lol im doing a video review of it for my show The Dish Out tonight, it'll be up in a couple days. Great game but i feel it is missing a couple features, it gets quite repetitive, the marines need more weapons.

deathink responds:

I was thinking a doing a lets play... But I think it would spoil some of the fun for otheres if they seen how I beat the really hard bots.


2013-02-09 00:13:55

That awkward moment when I cant beat my own bots.

How many of the 67 Bots did he put in there bro?

Also, special mention on the difficulty of my bots from SAB-FUCKING-TASTIC?

deathink responds:

Oh man, I know the feeling!
The Luis bot was the first one I made, so I totally forgot how to beat him.... and he is tough!
I think 67bot #3 was one of the hardest bots to beat.


2013-02-09 00:38:46

My hand hurts! But, 6 down!

deathink responds:

Pony Space Marine


2013-02-09 12:48:38 roup/522/play/380691
Please tell me your Opinion! : D !

deathink responds:

Nice man!


2013-02-09 16:04:36

Holy cow, that 67 bot #3 really is a pain in the ass! Haven't beaten that campaign yet, but its only a matter of time>:}

deathink responds:

Yeah... I think he is the hardest 67 bot!


2013-02-11 21:23:05 ode-raybots
deathink Watch! You was included in my image!

deathink responds:

Some thing looks familiar about that image :D


2013-02-12 13:21:02

Yes.! Sorry to take your picture!
Have not got the the 2 modes!
Haci your 2 Arts were the closest thing I found!
Sorry! : P

deathink responds:

Dont't be sorry :)


2013-02-13 14:34:17

Victory is mine!!!

deathink responds:

This is going to be interesting!