Woot! And, do you like penis?

2013-01-23 18:31:58 by deathink

::: WOOT! WOOT! :::
What am I "wooting" about you may ask?
Well its was my B-day a little while ago and I just got a present in the mail. Saminat etched my logo on to a drinking glass, IT"S FUCKING AWESOME. Thank you sooo much man, this thing fucking rocks! I attached a photo of his fine craftsman ship at the bottom of this post...jelly?

TomFulp also made me something that fucking rocks, but you will have to wait to see it, but I will give you a hint to where you can find it..."its in his new game Cathode Raybots".

Thanks a lot guys... it really means a lot to me :3

::: NEW ART :::
Speaking of Cathode Raybots, I have drawn another picture for it. It's been done for a while now, but I am going to wait until the game is released to upload it. I will tell you this... its badass!

Well that's too bad , my next game is filled with 'em. (Please don't judge me!)

::: IN THE WORKS :::
I just finished a game I was working on for a while, I don't know when it will make its way here because I was only the artist for this one, but more importantly its freed up my scheduled a little so I can work more on some other projects.
The Penis game for one, but me and a couple guys from NEWGROUNDS are working on another project, I also have another game and animation (but don't hold your breath for the animation, cuz that one is going to take a while.)


But for now I am going to go and break in my DEATHINK glass!


Woot!  And, do you like penis?


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2013-01-23 18:35:31

As Tom Fulp's #1 Cathode Raybots beta-testing buddy, do you have any insider tips on the release date?

deathink responds:

Ummm... Soon?! :P


2013-01-23 18:54:46

"Ummm....Soon?!" :P

Soon as "January soon"? :D

deathink responds:

I guess only time will tell.


2013-01-23 19:12:31

dude i want that glass! thats awesome

deathink responds:

Heck yeah it is :D


2013-01-23 19:31:40

I know what Tom gave you. :P


deathink responds:

BETA testers are the kewlest!


2013-01-23 20:15:23

if you ever need any penis specific art please PM me and I'll help!
i'm the bester penis drawer in my town, where we call the art of drawing male genitalia"cockastration"
also your art is fucking tits.

deathink responds:

Cockastrating is a forgotten fine art...


2013-01-23 21:07:43

Fuck that glass is awesome

deathink responds:

Fuck yeah it is!


2013-01-23 21:20:46

Yeah! I'm glad you like it man! Just make sure you wash it before you use it, to be safe :}

deathink responds:

Will do!


2013-01-23 21:49:59

Penis game you say?

I won't judge until I play it, that way I know how to judge it.

Nice animation, and I beat that game back in the day. Loved it.

Also thanks for being awesome and replying to all of your comments, not many users do that.

deathink responds:

Did you get all the medals... the game is awesome, but if you get all the medals you get to see REALLY awesome things.


2013-01-31 10:56:19

Hey I often find you in the comments, Yo're everywhere, Are you God, by any chance?