Pixel Art GAME, NG Calender, and blah blah

2012-12-13 11:25:09 by deathink

_____Frozen Pixel Hunt_____
Well this is the second Pixel Hunt game in a series of four I have scheduled to make. You can play the original "Hunt of Horror" flash game HERE. The game was real great, but it seemed to lag for some people, and some aspect of the game where a little convoluted. Tom released a similar hunt game soon after called Faces of 2012, and I was extremely Jelly of how smooth it ran and how straight forward the game play was set up so I borrowed heavily from his game to make this new one. The game once again features art elegantly designed by MOCKERY and painstakingly illustrated by POXPOWER.
Click here to play FROZEN PIXEL HUNT!

_____ NG CALENDER _____
I see the NG Calender is in the store today. It features great art from many great artists, including myself. I feel honored and privileged that my illustration was among the few which have been chosen to be included. I know it must have been a difficult task to choose from such impressive list of entrees. Check out all the calender entrees HERE.
And after that head on over to the NG shop an PICK UP A CALENDER TODAY!!!!!

So I have a couple games in the works, but there is one in particular that is troubling me. I have one plan to be released on Christmas eve, however, it may be evil... every time I start working on it I start to get sick and start seeing things. I know what you are thinking "DeathInk lay off the drugs", but I assure you I am not on any. I guess you will just have to play it and see for yourself. Hopefully it will be done in time, but if not, maybe its better off :D

And all I can say is WOW!

Pixel Art GAME, NG Calender, and blah blah


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2012-12-13 11:43:40

The Frozen Pixel Hunt runs smooth as butter! Great work on that! I really like all the intro presentation too with the snow falling.

I gotta make a news post... Been trying to give Goldfish's post some decent time up there before bumping it. Store is actually having some issues today where it logs you out when you go to check out, something we're debugging now. UGH.

I've actually been getting some mixed feelings about a Christmas launch vs a 12/21/12 launch. I'm really scared about having everything wrapped up in a week but realistically, I have some family obligations the following weekend and Christmas Eve so I HAVE to be done on Friday, whether I release Friday or Christmas Day. I also started wondering, what if I release on Christmas Day and there are bugs... I won't be able to spend the day fixing bugs... SO NERVOUS. I still like the idea of neat web games as Christmas presents though.

(Updated ) deathink responds:

Yeah that is a tough one, I REALLY like the idea of Flash game Christmas Presents, the draw back is unavoidable. The only thing I could suggest is a little of both. Maybe you launch the game on the "21st" but you leave out one small "but still awesome" feature, and save it for Christmas. I am sure however you go about it will be for the best :D


2012-12-13 13:21:20

Sssshhhh calendar

deathink responds:

Ssssshhhh sss s


2012-12-13 13:27:50

The fonts aren't embedded in your pixel game. Good stuff though! :D

deathink responds:

Yeah Roger mentioned it to me and I thought it was the font with the hint, because it looks like Ariel already, but after reading this I had a buddy check it out and he says the only fonts that are incorrect where the "play with medals" and "play original" which it odd because they are static. Anyway I think I fixed the problem now. I hope :D


2012-12-13 13:45:29

Got dangit! This one is a whole lot harder than the last, hahah, really fun!

deathink responds:

Yeah, it is a lot harder, but I think it is because the general is a lot larger.


2012-12-13 14:46:25

Woah dis game is sick! ALso TOM FULP!!!!! V V VV V V V V

deathink responds:



2012-12-13 16:01:59

This game again! DAMIT.

deathink responds:

It will haunt your dreams...


2012-12-13 18:09:42

Good job bro! I couldnt find waldo :C

deathink responds:

Finding Waldo is over rated.


2012-12-14 17:59:43

Funny cause I saw pickle man at my dinner table.


2012-12-15 10:56:00

Wow you didn't turn in Meat Boy for the calendar?

deathink responds:

The res was too small, so I drew a new picture.