Look at what me and TomFulp made :3

2012-02-22 00:31:37 by deathink

Look at what me and Tom made :3

Well I drew the picture below for the comic jam, and Tom was nice enough to write the story for me. I had a little bit of a late start, the jam started on Friday but I had to work all day, and i didn't get a chance to start it until Saturday after noon. I drew four pages, and I am pretty satisfied by what we turned out. You can read the full comic here! There is more information on the comic in the author comments.

Here is a video of me and Tom brain storming the comic together...

::Abobo's Big Contest::
For about a month now I have been asking people to send me a PM if they received all the medals in ABOBO's BIG ADVENTURE and I would draw a snazzy picture of them beating Abobo's ass and upload it to the art portal, but only one user was "MAN" enough for the task. TheRainbowZilla, so I now dub Mr. Zilla "The manly-est gamer!!!", he was even nice enough to tell me how to get a secret medal myself :D as for his prize, I should have it ready for you by next week, I would already have it done, but as I mentioned, I was in the comic jam this week.

::Oney Blues (ballz)::
Well Oney is going back to school (I hope the bus driver doesn't bring him to a seedy hotel and fondle him), and will not be uploading anything for a while, HOWEVER, he was nice enough to fill our spank bank before he left. An Oney original!


Look at what me and TomFulp made :3


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2012-02-22 02:30:15

you have an amazing art style, i love your coloring :D

deathink responds:

Thanks man!


2012-02-22 09:01:23

3 things:

1. That video was amazing
2. You're amazing
3. There are no motels or busses in Ireland. If someone wanted to fondle Chris, they'd kidnap him in the dead of night, take him back to their cave, and fondle them before the sun rises and the mammoth hunt starts.

deathink responds:

I am sure Oney will be doing most of the fondling!


2012-02-22 15:12:40

Only in the 1980's. ^_^

deathink responds:

The 80's were a very scary time.