2012-02-10 22:19:11 by deathink

:: Beat ABOBO Contest :: don't get to excited

Is there no one man enough to beat ABOBO!!!!!
Abobo's Big Adventure is one of the most bad ass games I have ever played!
Last week I challenged anyone who was man enough to collect all of the Abobo medals here on NEWGROUNDS, to PM me and I would give them a prize.
((don't forget that I can check to see if you actually did it or not))

I know what your asking yourself "truly there must be some fantastic prize for completing a challenge so epic!" and there is. (i guess)

Not only will I dub you "The Manly-est Gamer", but I will also draw, color and upload (to NEWGROUNDS) A picture of you beating Abobo's ass. *disclaimer-it may be imposable to draw such a thing, every time I try to draw someone kicking Abobo's I wake up on the floor in front of my art desk with a black eye, so I may just draw Abobo stomping a mud hole in your ass.
So if your man enough and if you got the guts to take on Abobo, I bid you good luck!
Also As I have mentioned before, this is a first come first served opportunity, I am not going to draw Abobo getting beat up more than once. (who knows what he would do to me)

If you have not beat Abobo, do not watch the following clip.

This is a video I have recently uploaded to Youtube of me getting the "I'm the greatest" medal. I here a lot of people cry about this level, but I think this is the greatest scene in the game. Enjoy!

I have almost all the medals so far, just a couple of the more tricky ones left...
Also If you guys know any cool tricks you have found in the game please share them, I will give you an odd one I had found "if you press the G on your keyboard on the contrabobo level it will spawn something useful!"



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deathink responds:

Did I say beat your ass? That is, was I meant to say was... ummm... MEET your ass? ::gulp::


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X_X I don't know but I have more then half