Trippy Shit!

2012-02-03 23:02:33 by deathink

Hello Boys and Girls,

Well I got 2 treats for you this week. One is called Feline Chimera the other is called "aw Sh*t". Inadvertently they both have heavy psychedelic overtones, so sit back eat a hand full of your favorite fungi and just remember "Just because your friends can't see THEM, does that really mean THEY aren't there?"

You can view the full versions by clicking on the links above, if you like what you see, vote appropriately if you don't like what you see you can go fuck your self :P .

///////////// ABOBO CONTEST///////////////don't get to excited the prize is only a picture drawn of you uploaded to NEWGROUNDS.

A little update on ABOBO's big adventure (I don't know why I can't stop plugging it), if you haven't got revenge on toad for all them "sorry but your princess is in another castle" what are you waiting for??? I am pretty sure your not going to get another chance at it, I will give you the same hint you get from Mac's trainer "it's on the second level at the bottom left corner". Anyway, I have received 90% of the achievements for the game, the last couple are a nightmare, but i will get them eventually, if anyone can PM me a link to a completed achievement list I will draw a picture of you beating Abobo's ass. This is a first come first served offer, I am not drawling Abobo getting his ass beat more than once (who know what he would do to me if he found out)!

Anyway, good luck! I hope someone is able to beat Abobo!
M.B. DeathInk

Trippy Shit!


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2012-02-03 23:05:07

if you walk against the wall in the first level before entering the fight against the first boss, you go to a *cough* secret party *cough*

deathink responds:

Sadly, I was not invited :(


2012-02-09 18:39:44




2012-02-09 18:40:25


deathink responds:

you keep this up and I will sick my FulpBot on you...