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Banned lol

Posted by deathink - January 15th, 2021

Someone falsely claimed that I was posting violence and gore in my profile banner, it's just a picture of Hizzy wearing my shirt with fake blood on her.

Got both my twitter account banned.

Lost access to my instagram because of a bug.

Banned on reddit a few weeks back.

Abandoned my deviant art and tumblr so long ago I can remember.


While working on Pico Radio, I was just about to complete it and my PC crashed. All my hard work, gone. Tom told me, "well, now you have an opportunity to make it better", and I did.

This is going to be a great year, I feel it in my bones.



Comments (30)

I'm not being sarcastic, it's goign to be a good year.

You should make art of whoever falsely reported you sucking old wrinkly dicks.Make him a soyboy bitch because he probably is

Doesn’t matter what year it is, stupid people will always exist

How can that even happen? wtf!

idk, it's easy for people to take advantage of the fully automated system they have

Sounds like a bunch of cringeass nae nae babies to me.


Thats a shame, having you on my twitter time line provided balance, now my brain's going to rot at full pace.


I debate daily perma-deleting from that accursed website. Its a blessing in disguise.

I do too, the only problem is social media is how I currently make my income, through sales and commissions. I wanted to take a short break anyway, this is the old gods just putting their foot down

Oh crap!
Twitter nowdays is trash... polular trash.

( *~*){<3)

Is anyone surprised at this point?))
Talking of media, I see a lots of new artists on Minds. Maybe you should consider...

I fucking hate social media right now.
I hated it before but I HAAAAATE it right now.

Are you sure you ain't Trump?

You poor guy..., such an light sense of peoples who doesn‘t seeing things correctly before commenting (prejustice),... guess that‘s something that could be called naivety... you got my sympathy dude...

yours was one of the few reasons I maintain an account on the bird app. Sorry for your misfortune my man, glad to see you're taking it with a stiff upper lip.

Holy fuck dude that sucks. Hope it's a temp ban cuz I know Twitter is completely ass when it comes to trying to dispute perm-bans.

Well, that shit.
But at the same time, you can't be surprised by the social media giants who suck at maintaining; if they even maintain their site anymore.

I mean, id take losing my Twitter account as a optimistic thing. What a trash website, good riddance. Also hope you have a good year man.i Always enjoy your art as usual. :)

Whatever, fuck them anyways...

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