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Fallout Project Comic

Posted by deathink - 1 month ago

What is Fallout Project?

The TLDR is that it’s a comic.

Right now I am working on Book 1, which is a painfully faithful adaptation of the Fallout 1 game. For those who have only played the later games, Fallout 1 is a much darker story. It’s more violent, sexual, and just all around more gritty and mature.

Book 1 consists of 6 chapters. Each chapter is about 4 parts long and each part is comprised of about 16 pages. Give or take a few dozen, the completed main story is going to be about 380 pages long.

Additionally, each part will have cover art, and each chapter will also have a self contained side story. The side story will feature the main characters, but not really follow the main story as they are based on side quests and random encounters. These side stories will vary greatly in lengths anywhere from 1 to about 10 pages long. (note, these will be more clearly defined later as right now I have been focusing mainly on the main story structure)

So all together the first book will be roughly 400+ pages long, and will take a while! About 2 years if I’m able to keep it going. If I can gather enough support and complete book 1, then I’ll start working on Book 2 which will be an adaptation of Fallout 2. And I’ll just keep going as long as I can get support. I NEED to make Book 2, but the more I think of it, Book 3 and New Vegas would be awesome too!

Who is working on it and why? 

Right now it’s just me and I have hired a talented artist to draw for me, but, depending on how much support I can gather, I plan on hiring many more.

I am writing the comic, and creating layouts, doing clean up, lettering and color. I give my mocks to Dee and he gives me back some line work.

Here’s my plan.

Dee will be the main story line artist.

But for the side quests I plan to commission other, lesser known, but extremely talented artists.

And the covers will be a mix, sometimes me, sometimes Dee, sometimes other artists.

Dee will have first dibs on the main quest, but if he ever doesn’t want to do it anymore I’ll just pick up a new artist and keep moving forward. Although I hope he stays a while. It’s going to be so awesome watching him grow!

This is the best part of this project IMO. I know so many extremely talented, underrated artists. I really do love these peoples work, and would love to shine a spotlight on it. A collective of all these really original art styles. Anyway, back to the details.

Right now I have relaunched my patreon to help gather support, but there are lots of other ways you can support too.

I do plan to release the comic for free online, I never planned for it to be locked behind a paywall. It’s official home will be Newgroudns.

This project is going to cost a lot of time and money, so in conjunction with Patreon I will also be utilizing other means of monetization, such as:

-Merchandise (posters, shirts...)

-Crowd funding (kickstarter esque stuff)

What will be kickstarted?

I plan to have printed copies. I would like to have copies printed for each part, but it might end up being each chapter. I have been looking into it, but admittedly I haven’t finished deciding. However, this isn’t going to be “kickstart this and I’ll finish a part” it’s going to be “the part is finished, kickstart if you want a copy”. I believe that is a very important distinction.

Okay, this post is long enough for now. Thank you to anyone who has read this far. I’ll have more details soon, but I wanted to kind of explain what this is all about. Check this art out Dee made btw.




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Here is a link to the patreon if interested https://www.patreon.com/Deathink

I await the awesome future content

Nobody is going to be a petty bitch and get legal on your ass over this right?Also, more details on the comic coming soon right?

fingers crossed