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Posted by deathink - January 11th, 2020

Wow, thank you for the free sex.

Okay, so It's my birthday. I was very nice out, so I went for a hike.

I spent most of the hike thinking about Newgrounds. The friends I made and the friends I lost.

I will forever consider myself a noob on here, but at the same time I'm always so happy about how welcomed I was.

I was thinking about pico day.

My first pico day, I was just a fan happy to be able to come and see all the creators and staff.

My last pico day, I was so happy to meet my fans and make friends with them, and hang out with old friends.

I think that has always been one of the most appealing aspects of NeoGeo. The fact that fans and creators could meet up and treat and see each other as equals. This atmosphere is so rare in a social media environment completely driven by convincing others you are better than everyone else.

Anyway, sorry for the lack of content. Sometimes I'm working hard on stuff, sometimes I'm not.




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Happy birthday.

Mine is next month. Since I went with you to your first Pico Day, I took know how much it meant. Pico Day as a mass gathering at the office appears to be a bygone era which highlighted the early to mid-2010s. To go back and relieve that later would be nice.

If Tom is worried about crowd control, I don't know, just let him go by his past list of invites with proof of ID necessary.

Yeah man, it was such a trip that first time. But if felt like as soon as we got there we had to leave.

happy bday, big person, I wish you big improve in your drawing skills. Idk, for me, your skills is awesome, heh.

Thank you very much <3

happy birthday king <3

Thank you very much, brother <3

happy birthday!

Thank you!!

Happy birthday my youth hood Hero. :)

Haha, thank you so much!

One more year gone by, tough one! With your birthday wishes, I also wish you a grand new year.

I'm getting that free sex though >:Y

Only if I get it first :O

Thank a real lot buddy <3

Happy birthday!!

Thank you!!!

Glad you got to enjoy Pico day.
I appreciate your humbleness and kindness.

Much love to your art.

Thanks a real lot my man <3

Happy Birthday, Deathink! Whether in the pen or in the well, may you always remain fluid.

Thank you very much, that is very charming wording.

Happy B-Day!

I'm comming for "Free sex" and I'll get it!

Not if I get it first :O

happy birthday

Thank you very much!

Happy birthday, you beautiful boy!

Thank you very much play boi.

Happy birthday

Thank you!

HAPPY birthday

w000t thank you

Happy birthday deathink!!!

Thank you very much!!!

thanks for free secks bday man

You are well-cum!

Happy birthday!

Thank you!!

Was it good for you as well?

I came

Where do I apply to get the free sex?