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Wish he put some of that Insta stuff on NG, but I'ma have a peek now...

And: looks dope! Agent X9 vibes. That greatest era of gritty, silhouette-rich; styleful black and white.

Yeah, I don't wanna post sketches and quick things in the portal (which is why I never do), but I was thinking maybe I'd post some in my news feed from time to time.

Yo kiddo, glad to hear it's all on the up n' up, don't stop believing baby

Thanks a real lot my man! Glad to hear from ya :)

It'd be the perfect place for it! :) Less pressure on reviews too just: drop in and appreciate.

yeah, that's a good point too.

That’s a thicc gun she has there.

maybe she is just very SMOL!

I <3 DeathInk!!!

Deathink <3 U!!!

Hi fella

Howdy Chief

Hello Babies!

Hello to you bb boi!

@Cyberdevil @deathink ain't there an option to specify that an art project is a sketch so that it doesn't appear in the portal?

Why hello there deathink! Salutations to the greation masteretion arterertion

Salutations to you as well bb!

@DBuck-Eye @deathink Well yes, by default the art portal option's off too, but it'll still clutter your page a bit. Assume that's the thing.

@DBuck-Eye yeah, I don't want to clutter my art page up. I don't want people to have to sift through 100s of sketches to see my finished pieces.

@deathink makes sense. Smells like a new feature is needed, @TomFulp

hahaha YEAH @TomFulp!!! Nah, the news feed will do just fine. Considering the fact I could also just make a forum for it too.

@DBuck-Eye @deathink We could have the userpage art gallery toggle between official releases and wips... Blogs are a pretty good place for wips too though, which makes me wonder sometimes if the Art Portal should ditch that checkbox option and just encourage finished works, with wips in blogs.

Another thing that will help here ultimately is a good folder system for galleries.

Yeah, I think it's perfect the way it is RN. Again, I could just make a forum if I wanted it all in one same easily browsable spot. The news will work for me personally.

As for the checkbox, does anybody NOT just shovel there wips and sketches into the portal too? I'm actually curious how many people respect that. The art portal (in my eyes) is just for finished pieces only. Not only the art portal, but also my art page is like my showcase, like this is where you go to see the good stuff.

I'm too shy to say hi *blush*